Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ten on Sunday

1.  Soccer season has started for all three kids which means I'm going to be one super busy soccer mom. Landon decided he didn't want to play Baseball again which is fine by me. It's way too competitive in our area. Landon had his first practice on Thursday night and he played really well. He managed to get a real good workout because the next day he was complaining about his legs being sore. Logan still thinks he is the worst soccer player on his team which isn't even true. I'm really sad that he feels that way about himself but the little guy is constantly in Landon's shadow. A classic middle child problem. Anyways, we're working with him on that problem. He needs to stop comparing himself to his siblings. Leah loves soccer, of course the past two practices it has been super duper windy outside with super duper cold winds. Even though it was freezing outside she did a great job at practice. All three kids will have their first games this Monday night. The boys need to be in Bentonville for their games and Leah's game is in Centerton. This should be real interesting trying to get everyone to the correct fields at the correct times.

2.  My minivan needs a new transmission. This isn't new news. It's been acting up for a real long time. We are still going to shove off to Gulf Shores in less than three weeks. We will be saying a prayer or two that the transmission doesn't go out on us. I'm sure it will be fine but we are looking for a new replacement. Yesterday, while shopping at Harp's I saw a great deal on a minivan. It's a Toyota Sienna 08 with only 25,000 miles on it. The price is prefect as well. Too bad, the guy didn't call me back. I'm pretty sure someone else already beat me to the deal. I'm still hoping the guy will call me back. I hate to lose out of a good deal.

3. Speaking of deals, my friend Emily called me about a huge clearance sale that Gap is having at the moment. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I made a bee line to the Baby Gap. I managed to pick up two big bags full of clothes for five kids under $85. I managed to pick up clothes for the boys, Leah (isn't this dress super cute), Savannah, plus the new baby. A majority of the clothes only cost me about $1.97. The dress Leah is wearing in this picture is normally $50. 

4.  As you can see from the picture above, Spring has arrived early this year. All of my Spring flowers are blooming. It's getting to be so pretty outside. Too bad, all of this mild weather will equal huge bug problems.

5.  Leroy is working hard on getting the garage cleaned out so we can get the camper ready for the big trip. We have been slowly working on moving the toys back into the Sunroom. Leah and Logan this morning were up early and playing with their old toys. I just love it, when the kids entertain themselves. Plus, Landon was in his bed, reading a book.

6.  Yesterday, the kids were invited to a roller skating party. I'm so proud of all three of my kids. My kids have been skating enough times they can all independently skate on their own.  Leah looked so lonely out there skating by herself. I decided to go ahead and get myself a pair of skates. It's a little bit weird to be six months pregnant and rollerskating but I managed to not lose my balance and I didn't fall down one time. Logan wants to go back every Saturday to go skating. He decided he wanted to try out inline skates for the first time ever. He keep on trying to use them like quad skates which resulted in him falling down alot in the beginning but he was a pro by the end of the skate session. I'm thinking now, the boys might enjoy having their own roller blades. The could roller blade around Lake Bella.

7.  We're going to have someone come over and paint the outside of our house plus repaint the living room plus our bedroom. I'm way too far along to be messing with ladders and painting. So, we're going to hire this job out.

8.  My little girl is finally enrolled for Kindergarten. I still can't believe it. The time has gone by way too fast. She will be attending the same school as the boys. She will be a bus rider and she can't wait to go to school with her boys.

9.  I'm still pregnant, I have been having lots of pain in my lower back plus round ligament pain. I never had this problem with the other pregnancies. I haven't been able to do to much execrise which is kinda of discouraging. I have already gained close to 18 pounds. I hoping to only gain 30 pounds like I did with Leah. I actually started off at the same amount of weight with her. So, I know it's possible. Anyways, on Saturday morning. I decided to give the run club a try. I decided that I would at least just walk two miles. Well, I decided that walking is so boring. I decided to do a combination of walking and jogging. I managed to go the distance of three miles and did it with very little discomfort. I was so happy at the end. It's the best workout I have had in the past month. The doctor wants me to be as active as possible plus drink tons of water. I don't want to become a sitting vegetable. I'm really worried that if I stop working out all together that I might not start back up again. It's all about keeping up the routine.

10. Well, it's going to be a crazy week. The kids have games on Monday and Saturday plus practice on Thursday nights. Plus, we have Blue and Gold banquet for cub scouts plus enrichment meeting on Thursday night. So, it's going to be a super exhausting week but that's okay! They're only going to be little for so long.

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