Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gulf Shores Spring Break 2012

*Spending time together as a family
*Lots of Fresh Seafood
*Riding Bikes
*The boys learned how to boogie board
*Getting a tan but in Leroy's case a sun burned.
*Warm and Sunny weather for the most part but we did get bad rainy weather towards the end of the trip.
*Logan got stung by a jellyfish
*The kids buried each other in the sand
*The water in the gulf of Mexico wasn't too cold or too warm
*We tried new dishes and I discovered that soup made with crawfish is super yummy!
*Walking to the bathroom multiple times is a great time to star!
*Playing endless hours of Go Fish, Phase 10, & Old Maid with the kids
*Riding a bike while pregnant is interesting especially on the back country about bumpy!
*Shell Hunting
*Building Sand Castles
*Holding baby alligators
*Flying a kite on the beach
*Roasting marshmallows and making smores
*Best of all, just being together without any distractions. Fun, Fun, and more Fun times!

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