Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ten on Sunday

1.  Getting back into the groove of things, the past week has been super busy for the whole family. All three kids have soccer games, cub scouts, playdates, and endless amounts of stuff to do! Logan started on this quilt a while ago but he started to grow tired of it. I decided to put away and give it some time. The little guy has a short attention! Anyways, yesterday we had some down time and I decided it would be a good time to pull out and work on it. Logan picked out the different squares and picked out the design of his quilt. We're about half way down with the top of the quilt. Hopefully, we can get this project done before the new baby comes. Logan is really happy with it. I'm thinking about applique on his name on the quilt. I'm really proud of my little guy. He also painted a picture of huge flower in art class. It turned out really good. Logan is all hands on and creative. I wish sometimes it would rub off on his older brother but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.
Logan's 1st Quilt-Half Way Done!
Working Hard On The Sewing
2.  Leroy moved all of my crafts and scrapbooking stuff out to the garage. I decided to be brave and face it. I managed to throw away two huge bags of trash, downsized four books, and reorganized all of my sewing stuff. The garage is looking a lot better but if I could only talk Leroy into getting rid of some of his stuff it would make the garage even better.

3. Now, while I'm talking about scrapbooking. A couple of years ago, I did a lot of regular scrapbooking. I'm now focusing on digital scrapbooking but I realized that I still have a ton of supplies. I decided it was time to focus on my old scrapbooks. All of my scrapbook albums were in pieces. None of the books were put together. So, I had to sort thru all of the scrapbook pages and get them placed in the right order and books. This took me all afternoon. I still have a bunch of pictures printed out and I'm going to start working on finishing up all of the pictures that I have printed out. I really want to get this done before the new baby comes. I'm not working out anymore, I'm finding myself with a little bit too much time on my hands. So, I'm going to start working on this, a little bit each week before the baby comes.

4. Some how, I didn't realize that Easter is coming up very soon. I have nothing prepared or ready for the big holiday. The kids want me to make an Easter Bunny cake plus I have to make Easter Bunny cookies for Leah's preschool class. So, this week is going to be all about preparing for the big Easter celebration. We usually dye eggs, resurrection rolls, Easter egg symbolism lesson, plus I picked up tickets for the POA Easter Egg Hunt. We have so much going on, I'm going to have to stick to some type of schedule. If I want to get everything ready. I'm just exhausted just reading my list to do.

5.  The boys had dentist appointments this week. Landon has six cavities but he only needs to get one of them filled. He has one on his permanent tooth. Logan has three cavities on his premanment tooth. Landon has to go back this week and get his one tooth filled and Logan will go the following week. My boys have great teeth...ya right. Anyways, not much I can do about it. It's just genetics!

6.  I'm huge, this past week the baby has moved head down. She use to kick me on the sides but now she's kicking me up top. I did have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I managed to gained 4 lbs...opps! It's hard to be good while on vacation with the family. I'm still measuring a week behind so maybe I wouldn't end up with another jumbo size baby...hee hee. I did pass my sugar test and I'm not anemic. The baby should be here in 10-12 weeks. Hopefully, in less than 10 weeks. A girl can hope right. I don't go back for another three weeks. My pregnancy is super boring at the moment. It's a good thing but it doesn't make a lot to talk about. Leah and the boys are always hugging my belly and trying to feel her kicking. They always want to know if she's sleeping or kicking. It's surprising how much the kids love the new baby already. Leah's super excited about being able to pick out the baby clothes. She wants to dress the baby but not change it's diapers.

7.  We hired someone to come and paint the house. Leroy's schedule is pretty busy with work and all. So, we decided to hire someone from church to paint the outside and inside of the house plus he will stain the deck. Yippee, I can't wait for it to be done. I'm in no condition to be climbing up on ladders or painting.

8.  Leroy is going to help one of our neighbors with his car, inexhange for free landscaping services.

9.  My favorite room in our house is the sun room. it's like being up in the trees. The trees are starting to come alive which means green pollen is everywhere. My nose is killing me. I tired to take the kids to the park but we had to live after a little while because I couldn't stop sneezing. I can't wait for the pollen to die down and go away. I did managed to weed a bunch of my flower and garden beds. I need to get busy and plant some tomato plants.

10. I feel really blessed this week with great friends. I had a lot of people calling me this week about this and that. It's nice to know that people are thinking about you.

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