Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby L's Blanket

A couple of days ago, Logan expressed interested in making a baby quilt for the new baby. Sunday morning, we had a lot of time available. I wasn't planning on sewing on Sunday being that I had been sewing all weekend long. We don't go to church until the afternoon. Well, one thing led to another and next thing I knew Logan had pulled out all of my sewing boxes and was going thru all the fabric. He found some fabric that he wanted to's cow print and hello kitty. He found this really silky satin pink fabric and he wanted to use it as the back fabric for the blanket. I thought for sure that I had some batting up in my closet and it wasn't long he was climbing up my closet shelfs. He found it. So, I decided to try to make a "go as you go along" quilt. You literally sew all three layers at the same time, adding a strip a fabric at a time. Logan did a really good job ironing all of the strips. He did sew on the sewing machine a couple of times. He doesn't have a lot of attention span so I ended up sewing a majority of the blanket. I trimmed up the blanket and this morning I added the bias tape to finish up the quilt. When, Logan finally made it home from school. He found the quilt completed on the living room couch. He picked it, right up and was rubbing it against his face. He also had a big smile on his face. I'm so proud of my little guy, He picked out all of the fabric, designed the quilt, decided on the order of the fabric, and did all of the ironing. Logan's just like his Grandpa Nichols. He loves to create things with his hands. Yesterday, we drove by the Wishing Springs Gallery and saw the word "studio". He wanted to know what the word meant. I told him it's a place you can take lessons and create art. He wants me to sign him up for lessons. Anyways, the blanket is a little bit on the small size so I'm going to us it as a changing pad for the baby.
Ironing, an important part of making the quilt!

The finish product!

Logan wanted the back to silky satin fabric.

The finish project equals one happy boy!

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