Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

My favorite holiday class party is Easter. I just love this holiday focusing on the Savior plus mixing it up with a little bit of fun. Earlier this week, the kids in Logan's preschool brought hard boiled eggs to dye in class. Logan's teacher saved the eggs for the big Easter Egg Hunt. The mom's arrived early to hide all of the eggs on the playground for the kids to fun.

The kids had so much fun hunting for all the eggs. They were only allowed to pick up two eggs at a time. I caught Leah with a armful and made her put them done. She managed to put down the extra eggs while running to the basket to drop off the first two eggs while looking back at the eggs she placed them on the ground. She was super worried that someone else would find the eggs and put them in the basket. After, the eggs were gathered. They lined up all the kids and had them walk around the church while all the mom's hide the eggs again for a second time. The kids went crazy. No crying and everyone was able to find eggs.

After the egg hunt, the kids went back inside for some yummy snacks and drinks. I decided to make my famous Easter Bunny Cookies. I had the hardest time with the was really warm in my kitchen and I had such a hard decorating those cookies. The kids loved them. Another hit at school and I drop off the rest of the cookies with my sisters that I visit teach.

At the end of the party, the kids were able to bring home their own Easter Bunny Baskets that they made out of old milk jugs to bring home their eggs from the hunt. Logan's teacher told the kids not to eat the eggs because they were at room temp while they were dying the eggs. Well, that didn't stop Logan from eating them all. Guess what? He didn't come down sick. Overall, another great Easter celebration at Logan's Preschool.

Watch this video...Who knew that Hunting for Easter Eggs could be dangerous!

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banananutmeg said...

thanks for posting! I had Quincy's preschool party here and was sad to miss out on Reese's. She loves the videos!
Thanks for the cookies!