Monday, June 14, 2010

The Great Shoe Race

The Great Shoe Race
This is how the game came about. The kids decided it would be fun to throw one pair of shoes into the creek and the kids would run to catch the shoes before they went too far down the creek.

Well, Leah decided not to wait her turn and threw in her shoes the same time as Hailey. Oh no, the kids couldn't move fast enough to get the shoes. Hailey grab her shoes but Leah's shoes went under a huge tree limb and Hailey freaked out. Landon and I took off to grab Leah's shoes.

As you can see from this picture the twigs and branches blocking the path. Well, Leah's shoes ended floating down the creek. Well, if you know anything about the flow of water in the creek. Up ahead...Leah's shoes ended up in the bend of the creek which also at the bend is a pool of deep water. I ended up to my waist in water and holding a long stick. I was able to get Leah's shoes back.

Lesson learned...wear swimsuit when taking the kids to the creek. Playing the shoe game maybe wasn't the best idea.

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