Saturday, June 19, 2010

Homemade Dishcloth

My dish clothes look awful...I decided to take a stab at and make my own. I just use flannel which I pick up at Hobby Lobby...I pick out the only flannel fabric they had that didn't have a baby feel to it. I found this really cute bird fabric and I decided to use some white terry cloth for the backside.

This is the easiest project ever! I just cut out one 9 inch square of flannel and terry cloth fabric. All you do is sew the right sides together and leave a hole to turn the material right sides out. I went around the top of the flannel fabric and zig zag stitch around the top and this will sew up the opening of the fabric. I decided to make the dishcloth a little bit stronger. I went around a couple of the birds and top stitch them to give the dishcloth a little bit more stability and it help to make the birds pop out!

Overall...they turned out super cute. Leroy wasn't crazy about using them because their so stinkin cute. They work great...especially wiping your hands dry from washing the dishes.


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