Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Running Team

How to kick start the Memorial Day weekend...with a 5k race with my son. I wasn't going to let him run with me becuase last time he kept pulling on my arm trying to get me to slow down. I wasn't happy with him. So, I told him he could run in the fun run mile. He hates running in those one mile runs becuase he thinks that those runs are for babies. Please remember, my son is only 7!

Well, we managed to get up early and head out for the race. I still was on the fence whether I should let him run with me or not. I had a stern talking to him that he would not be running with me. If he couldn't keep up he would have to run by himself. He agree...also no arm pulling.

So, I spent the $40 dollars and sign up the two of us. I really wish it wasn't so expensive. Well, it started of being a nice cool morning but as soon as the race started it started to heat up. We started off...and of course Landon said I was going to fast. ARGHHH!!!!!! I reminded him we weren't running together. I know you'll think I might be mean not slowing down for him but we had an agreement. This race course is one of the fastest course in our area. I wanted to beat my PR! So, he slow down and ended up running a good part of the race with my friend "P"!

As, I came up to the one mile marker. The guy was reading off the did he just say 8:40. Holy cow...I was smoking hot. I must of slow down afterwards but I'm not sure. It started to get super hot and humid outside. I was trying to keep up with a girl from Rush Running. She's a few years older than me but we are the same height, weight, and built. So, I kept my eyes on her and kept on running.

The second mile was a killer up and down a sun. They had one water station and I grabbed my cup of water and dump it on top of my head. Oh, did it feel good. I kept on running. I think I started to slow down around the third mile. I kept on pushing. I finally made it back to finish line. I saw the clock read 27:45...Oh, crap! I decided to kick it up into third gear. I managed to finish at 28:05! So, I made my goal but I really would of love to come in under 28 minutes. I was so proud of myself.

I was about to go back and get my backpack so I could take a picture of Landon crossing the finish line. Well, as soon as I turn around...he came right thru the finish line. Holy son was running right behind me the whole time. The litttle guy finish a few seconds right after me.

He came in second place for his age group and I came in first place for my age group. I was so shock! I thought maybe 2nd or 3rd place but not 1st place. I was so happy. All of my hardwork is paying off and I love running with my new running club.


5k PR 28:40
2nd Place for his age (11 and under) group
5k PR 28:05
1st place for my age (31-34) group

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