Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ten on Sunday

1. I felt my very first earthquake in Arkansas last night. I'm an early bird, I can't seem to stay up past 9:00 PM no mater what night of the week it is which explains why I was in bed so early when the earthquake happened. I was soundly asleep when I noticed my bed was vibrating and shaking. It was the weirdest feeling ever. It completely woke me up from my sleep. I wasn't sure at first if I was dreaming or if I had really felt an earthquake. I decided to roll over and check the clock. So, this morning I logged onto Facebook and a lot of my friend had posted that an earthquake did happened around 10:57pm in central Oklahoma. It's crazy to think we could feel the quake all the way here.

2. The other time I felt an quake was in my grandparents home when they used to live in San Jose, California. I hope these earthquakes don't become a regular thing.

3. Thursday afternoon, as soon as Logan made it home from school. He told me that he was really close to reading a chapter book. Logan started this school year barely being able to read and now he just finished his first chapter. Okay, it's an easy reader chapter book with lots of pictures but it's still consider a chapter book. It's about thirty pages long with three chapters! It's called "Hi! Fly Guy" by Tedd Arnold. The little guy worked on the book for two days, he was so proud of himself. I even caught him yesterday trying to read another chapter book all by himself. This book is a really hard chapter book but I know he can do it. It's called June B. Jones and Stupid Smelly Bus by Barbara Park. The best part of this is Logan decided he wanted to read a chapter book and he did it all on his own.

4. Logan's soccer coach is a super generous person and he threw the whole team an end of the season party at JumpZone. He paid for the whole party plus siblings and he had pizza and cupcakes. He even passed out huge goodie bags for all of the kids on the soccer team. We ended up bringing the neighbor boy with us to JumpZone. He crashed the party as well but Logan's coach didn't mind at all. You know me, I'm always have a couple of extra kids with me...hee hee! Anyways, the party was a ton of fun expect for the part when we couldn't find Logan anywhere. Andrew kept saying he couldn't find Logan, well we started to look for him and it turned out he had a bloody nose and his coach was taking care of him in the bathroom. Logan's coach told me that Logan refused to tell him whether he came with his mom or dad. They didn't know where I was so they just took care of the problem. I felt really bad about this but nothing I could do about it. Anyways, the people in our area are super nice and generous. I need to send a note to his coach thanking him for the great party.

5. On Friday night, We went to the Toyland Celebration at the Bentonville Downtown area for some family fun. We invited our neighbors to come join us. Landon decided he didn't want to go and decided to spend the evening at our other neighbor's house down the street. He was really upset when he found out they were giving away free toys. Yes, you read it correctly! Free Toys, yippee!!!! I didn't know they were giving away free toys until we got there. It made up for the crazy insane long lines and mobs of people everywhere. All of the vendors set up booths of all the latest toys and a majority of them gave away free toys. Definitely, going to make sure we go again, next year.

6. Yesterday, I decided it would be the prefect day to take the boys to Tanyard Creek. Originally, Logan wanted to go with Andrew but Devin came home a few minutes before Andrew arrived at our house to go to Tanyard Creek. Well, Logan started to play with Devin and he decided he didn't want to go to Tanyard Creek or play with Andrew. Oh, talk about embarrassing position to be in. I told Logan he couldn't change his mind because Devin was home now from hunting with his daddy. So, I ended up taking Logan and two of his friend to Tanyard Creek. I'm always a little bit nervous about taking Devin anywhere because he has Autism. He only freaked out once at the very end because he fell down and got his hands dirty but once we got them washed off in the water he was fine. It's really pretty down at Tanyard Creek. I really wished now that I had brought my camera to take pictures. The Fall leaves are really pretty right now!

7. The kids had a blast Trick Or Treating in the neighborhood. I'm starting to freak out again about the upcoming holidays. It's bad enough trying to deal with Thanksgiving and Christmas but I have to plan Leah's birthday party. Last year, we just invited a couple of families to come over and celebrate her birthday but she wants a real party this year. I really want to do the same thing as we did last year but I'm not sure if she will be happy with that idea. She already has the party list made up of all of her friends. The boys party is always easy to plan because we just have a pool party every year but that doesn't work with a December birthday.

8. Leah failed her eye screening. She might have a possible vision disorder. I hope this doesn't mean anything maybe she's near sighted? I really don't want to waste the money on a visit. I might just wait until she's in Kindergarten. She isn't walking into walls or anything.

9. The sunroom is getting closer to being done except for a couple of finishing touches we should be hopefully done next week.

10. I'm busy working on knitting up some hats and I still need to finish up Logan's scarf. I'm not doing to much at the moment. I'm just trying to relax and enjoy life at the moment. I have been doing way to much running around this Fall.

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Schoen Family said...

I love reading your Ten on Sundays. Makes me wish we lived next to you guys and could experience all the fun events.