Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ten on Sunday


For the past two months, we haven't been able to have FHE due to crazy Baseball and Soccer Schedule. We were going in a million different directions but that's all behind us, now! So, we decided it would be fun to go rollerskating as a family. Right now, Great Day Skate has a great deal were you can roller skate for $2 and that includes the roller skates. We invited the neighbors to come join us and surprisingly they wanted to come with us.

The kids had so much fun plus on Monday nights they only play Christian music which made for a really nice family event. I didn't have to worry about them playing inappropriate music. As many of you know my neighbor's son has Autism. Devon and Kaitlyn both didn't know how to roller skate. It was truly amazing night. Laura and I helped both of the kids around the rink which isn't an easy task but by the end of the night both of the kids were skating on their own independently. I seriously, almost cried at the roller rink. Truly, inspiring.

Now, the kids want to go skating every Monday night for FHE but I'm not so sure about that because FHE should be somewhat spiritual right. We can't always have fun family activities.


We didn't do to much on Tuesday, the kids were tried from Roller Skating and I spent most of the morning trying to clean up the house from the day before messes. Later on, I drop off Leah for a play date while I went Visit Teaching. Leah's way to clingy and annoying to taking anymore. She's much happier hanging out with a friend than joining me. We have three people on our list and we managed to get in two visit. We still need to visit the last person on our list, she never called me back to set up an appointment. I hate to harass someone about setting up a time and date. Hopefully, we can get in to see her because the holidays are coming up and we all know how crazy it's going to get and the up next coming weeks. Just thinking about the holidays, giving me an ulcer. I really don't want to mess with the holidays. I wish someone else would just plan and coordinate everything. I don't even want to go shopping, yucko. I'm not a materialistic person. Do we really need anymore stuff?


Leah's having a hard time, after preschool she's bored and driving me crazy. So, I decided this time to drive her after school to McDonald's for lunch. I'm normally against McDonald's but they have a huge play area which was prefect for Leah. Not too many kids but enough to keep her busy. She keep calling McDonald's...Ms.Donald's...hee hee! Once, we made it inside. She turned around and told me this was her first time ever at McDonald's which is probably true. I felt a little bit bad about depriving her but I really don't care for Fake food. Anyways, I finished up reading an awesome book called "Moon Over Manifest" by Clare Vanderpool which is a Newberry winner. loved it! Leah played for two straight hours and when we made it back to the house she managed to take two hour nap. Heaven for me! So, I'm going to start taking her at least once a week. It's so hard, the weather is turning nasty outside and I hate to have her cooped up inside the house all day long. We both need a break.

I helped out with Activity Day Girls again, it's a great group of girls. I'm really impressed with all of the leaders and the girls are so awesome. I remember when I was a leader last time about eight years ago in this area and they girls were so mean to each other. Every time we meet for activities we had so much drama. It was really disappointed the girls that were the worse offenders were the girls that fathers were in the bishopric. Anyways, the girls in our ward right now are so nice to each other. It's truly amazing, I couldn't believe how respectful the girls are towards each other and the leaders. My only complaint about Activity Day Girls is they only meet twice a month what's up with that the boys meet every week for cub scouts. I really feel it's so unfair but once again I have no say in this because it's up to the higher ups at church. I really hope in future this will change.


On Thursday, the school nursed called which is never a good thing. She said don't worry Logan isn't sick, oh no if he isn't sick what could be wrong! Anyways, he some how managed to bump his with another kids head and some how he managed to fall and hit his mouth on a metal pole. His mouth was awful. His poor mouth, his gums were bleeding bad. I'm keeping a close eye on his teeth. I'm pretty sure his two baby teeth will need to be eventually pulled out. They're already starting to look a little bit discolored.

My visiting teachers came over and we had a nice visit! I have a new set coming to visit which is my old friend "Eunice" which works out perfectly for me. She's going to help me with Leah's Christmas Dress. Once, again! I'm going to be spending no money on the dress. She gave me this beautiful red fabric. Hopefully, we can start sewing the dress sometime next week.


After preschool, we headed over to the Sand Park for a couple of hours. Right before we were about to leave I noticed a group of school children walking towards the park. At first, I didn't recognize the teacher but as the class got closer to the park. I realized it was Landon's class. Landon's teacher decided to take the kids for a special walk to the War Memorial because it was Veteran's Day and she let the kids play at the playground for a few minutes before walking back to school. At first Landon was so em brassed but he got over it right away. I'm so glad that my kids attend a school where they have an open field trip permission slip where they can take the students to the walking trail and war memorial.

Friday night, the kids were bored. Kaitlyn the neighbor girl had pink eye so no playing with the neighbor kids. Leah decided she wanted to make her a "Get Well" card which I thought was so sweet of her. She worked on it for a long time, we went over and delivered the card. I know her little friend really appreciated it.

For Veterans Day, I had the kids all make thank you cards for their Uncle Lawrence. The kids did a great job decorating their cards and even Leah managed to write a short sentence with my help.

Plus, it's my little sisters birthday. How cool is it to have a birthday on 11/11 on 11/11/11! I hope she gets my card in the mail soon!


This wasn't a fun day for me, at all. I really wanted to go shopping but the kids didn't want to go anywhere. They kept saying why didn't you go shopping while we were at school. Leroy spent the day with a friend attending a Gun Show in Tulsa. So, I spent the whole day at home. I wasn't happy and I was soooooooo bored. I really couldn't get into anything. I did managed to make homemade pizza and cookies. The girls (Leah and Kaitlyn) helped me in the kitchen. Kaityln didn't know you could make cookies and pizza from scratch. So, I spent a lot of time watching old movies on YouTube from the 1950's and stuffing my face with pizza and cookies. I'm sure my waist line will be expanding from this!

I thought at first I would enjoy a nice quiet Saturdays,again but now I'm bored out of my mind. I'm really having a hard time pushing myself to do anything that requires brain power. I'm being so lazy but I can't seem to push myself into doing any productive maybe next week I will do better.


We attend church in the Afternoon, the kids are busy playing with their old train set and I'm busy blogging. I guess, I should pull out my scriptures sometime this morning. Once again, not motivated.

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