Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ten on Sunday

1. The number one thing about this week is the Sun Room is Almost done. We were hoping to be done completely on Friday but we ran into a couple of problems. A miscommunication between Leroy and James, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the delivery truck pull up with the exact same doors we had last time but without the grids. I wanted French doors not my old doors. So, the whole afternoon was spent trying to sort out the problem and the guys picking up the correct doors. The French doors are AWESOME!

2. The second thing about this week is James is going to take my small bedroom closet and turn it into a pantry. I will finally have a place to store all of my homemade canned goods. No more canning jars under my bed! The carpet guy is coming on Tuesday to install all of the new carpet in the kids rooms, the downstairs room, and the Sun room. I literally spent all day yesterday cleaning out both of the kids rooms. I had to sort thru all of their toys, clothes, and junk. The rooms have never looked cleaner. While the kids are at school, I'm going to be sorting one more time thru their toys and I will be dropping them off at Goodwill.

3. The third thing about this week is we will hopefully be putting the whole house back together. I can't wait for the guys to clear out of the house. I really want everything to go back to it's right place. I'm so tried of all of the chaos.

4. The fourth thing about this week is I'm learning how to sew using a serger. Eunice is once again helping me with Leah's Christmas dress. This year, I'm making her a real dress with a zipper and sleeves. It's going to be the most beatiful dress ever! It's amazing how much faster it is to use the serger when sewing. We will hopefully, be done with the dress on Monday!

5. The fifth thing about this week is the weather is seriously screwed up. It's warm one day and cold the next. I would really like some consistent weather. Plus, yesterday morning while on my Saturday morning run the wind was blowing sooooooo hard. It even reminded me of Hawaii. Sometimes, the trade winds blow so hard you can't even walk straight up becuase the wind is blowing you literally over to the side. Anyways, after my morning run. I was busy showering and getting ready for the day. Well, I turned around and in the corner of my eye, I noticed the huge tree in the backyard was swaying from side to side. I told Leroy that the I thought the tree was going to come crashing down and sure enough it did! Thank goodness, it fell down towards the lake and not up at the house. It could of caused some serious damage to the new addition.

6. The sixth thing about this week is James was telling me how Leroy should go out to the backyard and try to cut down some of the smaller trees to give us a better view of the Lake Ann. Sure enough, now that the tree is down. It managed to take out a huge chunk of the trees. Leroy's going to have to get a chainsaw and cut up the tree that fell downed and all the other trees around it. So, we now will have a better view of the Lake!

7. The seventh thing about this week is I'm back to my old self. It was nice taking a break but I found myself getting really bored. I'm reading a new book called "Rebecca" by Daphne duMaurier. I tried to get into the book a couple of weeks ago but I just couldn't get into it but Eunice told me that she loved the book and encouraged me to give it another try. Somehow, the book made a lot more sense the second time. I'm now, loving the book. It's sooooooooo good!

8. The eighth thing about this week is I managed to get dinner on the table five nights in a row. It's hard to come up with something everyone will enjoy but I managed to make each night a true success except I made my chicken tortilla soup and the kids complained it was too spicy but I thought it was just fine. It's so hard to please everyone!

9. The ninth thing about this week is I managed to find some super cute sweater at the Salvation Army. I found two super nice sweaters from Banana Republic that are 100% wool and they both look brand new. I also love finding a good deal.

10. Thanksgiving is almost here, we will be celebrating with the Scheele's which is fine with me. I'm really trying to get my act together and start planning Leah's party and everything in order for Christmas. The christmas tree is going to look so nice outside in the sunroom.

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Meg said...

I'm so excited about your new addition and your new carpet. When we got new carpet last year, I felt like we had a brand new house. What a difference! It is sosss much work to move everything around and get ready to have the carpet installed, though. I felt like I should be on that hoarders show with everything we own piled up in the kitchen, haha! Let me know if you want any help getting ready for the carpet, or putting the rooms back together.

Also, your new food storage sounds like a dream. I don't have a pantry in my house and it drives me crazy. You will love it!