Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween
  • Costume confusion, I managed to sew two costumes for Leah. The boys couldn't make up their minds what they wanted to be for Halloween. They're past the point of me deciding what they will be but they couldn't come up with anything. A week before Halloween, the boys decided they wanted to dress up as Harry Potter but it was too late to get any accessories. All I had were the boys old Harry Potter costumes from a couple of years ago. The boys didn't seem to mind only wearing dress shirts/pants with just a cape. Well, they were okay with it on Friday for the ISD Fall Festive and Trunk or Trick at the church. The boys decided they didn't want to dress up as Harry Potter on Halloween. Landon decided to go as Babe Ruth from the NY Yankees. Logan went as a Zombie! Leah decided she didn't want to go as a Red Princess again so she went as a Zombie Witch.

  • My neighor Laura added the lastest touches to my kids costumes. She had a huge stack pile of Hair Paint Spray and Costume makeup. She did a great job with all of the kids hair and makeup. All of the kids came away looking great and this is how the Zombie idea came about. Check out the Slideshow...The kids managed to make some great Zombie poses.
  • If I haven't stated before I live on the best neighborhood ever, okay the traffic on my street is crazy but it's really the only downfall of my neighborhood. Ms. Laura set the kids up with Makeup and Hair. My neighbor Ms. Jennifer gave each of the kids Trick or Treat pumpkins filled with tons of stuff like bubbles, play-doh, pencils, and tons of candy. The kids also received three bags of treats plus a dollar bill for each one of them from Mr. Larry down the street.
  • The Trick-or-Tricking hadn't even started and the kids were already loaded up with treats. The kids started off walking around the neighborhood but Leah started to tired out way too fast so we went back home and I decided to drive the kids around the neighborhood instead of walking. The kids made out like bandits. We were the only ones trickortreating and everyone literally gave the kids handsful of candy.
  • The neighbors were really sweet last night, a lot of the elderly neighbors are lonely and they loved seeing the kids in their costumes. We had to go inside their homes and visit with them plus a lot of them wanted to take pictures of their adoptive grandchildren. Plus, I found out one of the neighbors called my kids "waterbabies" because their always outside with the waterhose on...haa haa.
  • Half way thru the night we stop off at one of Landon's friends house and we picked up Andrew to go Trick or Treating with us. This was his very frist time ever going door to door he had so much fun but he made us skip a couple of houses becuase he got into some trouble with the neighbors kids. The last house we spot off at the lady was in her pajamas so I told the kids it was getting too late out to go trickortreating so we called it a night.

The holidays are a lot of work for Mom but in the end it's worth all the stress and effort. I know the kids don't appreciate all of my hard work but at least they will have lasting memories that will last them a lifetime. I'm so tired, but it's time to clean up from all the fun!

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Julie/Mom said...

Such fun on Halloween. Great Costumes! Such a talented Mom. You always amaze me Lara. You live in a beautiful area.