Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Seven Dollar Haircut

My new summer hair cut. It's only the beginning of June and I'm already dying from the heat. We have been to the pool every day so far this week at the pool. So, I decided it was time to chop off some of my hair.

I have a ton of hair, it's seriously so thick it's like wearing a mop on top of my head. So, I decided to be brave and end over to the local beauty school. I always feel bad for the girl stuck trying to cut my hair. Not only is it thick but curly/wavy hair is next to impossible to cut. I only had one girl that didn't need the instructor to help to cut my hair. She moved on to open her own salon. She was really good but I didn't follow her. I'm cheap!

So, I decided on Thursday morning to drive over with Leah and get both of our hair cut. Leah's hair is still the same. She always gets a short stacked bobbed with bangs. It's super cute but she was the biggest pain ever. She did okay at the beginning but she decided she didn't want the girl to cut her hair.

I ended up holding her on my lap while the girl cut her hair. I wish I had a camera because the next part is kinda funny. While she was sitting my lap, Leah was busy playing with the student's fake doll head with hair. Leah grabbed the girls extra comb and spray bottle. Leah spent the whole time fixing the dolls hair while the she was sitting on my lap while the student was cutting her hair. I hope that makes senses. Overall, it worked out and plus it only cost me $7. This wouldn't of worked out at a real salon.

So, like I said before I decided to be brave and cut off three inches off my hair. The girl cutting my hair didn't speak english as a first language. I told her I wanted a stacked bobbed but she gave me a swing bobbed instead. I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not but the damaged was already done.

This morning, I decided to fix up my hair and Leroy told me that he liked my new haircut. I didn't even ask him for his opinion so I know he likes it. I'm not one to fix myself up for my hubby but it was nice to receive a compliment from him.

So, here's my seven dollar hair cut by the beauty school. I really haven't had a bad cut yet but than again the curls can really cover up any Plus, I had the girl fix up my eyebrows. Overall, I'm not complaining. No more $50 haircuts for me plus they always looked horrible maybe I was going to the wrong salon but I'm not complaining about the beauty school.

So, what do you think?


Schoen Family said...

It looks great!

banananutmeg said...

you look great with short hair! I am trying so hard to be strong and not chop mine off this summer, but I'm close to caving. It's just so much easier to maintain, and it is too hot to have long hair. I'm glad you like your haircut. I always seem to get the dropout students at the beauty colleges! haha