Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ten on Wed

1.  Leilani just turned four month olds. She's already eating baby oatmeal and baby food. Leroy had the joys of her diaper leaking poop. He managed somehow not to get it on himself but it found it's away up and down her body. Seriously, so gross...the joys of having a baby.

2. Leilani is hitting her milestones. Every single time she see me, her little face lights right up. I always feel bad, when I walk right pass her and she's smiling at me like crazy. She also recognizes my voice, as soon as she hears me talking, she will turn her head to look for me. Plus, she loves to play with her toys. She will lay on the ground and grab for her toys. She's either pulling on them or kicking them with her feet.

3. The kids are still super sweet with her. They all have to say good bye to her in the morning before they leave for school. After school, the kids are practically fighting each other over who gets to hold her first.

4.  Leroy is on his way to Colorado Springs for work, he will be back in about a week and half. We will miss him and I'm hoping the time will go by fast. The baby is still not sleeping well at night. It's going to be hard to get the kids off to school by myself but we will manage it.

5. The ticket system is still working great with the kids. The kids can complete chores or read for 30 minutes to earn tickets which they can turn in for screen time. Logan has surprisingly turned into a reader from this ticket system. Everyday, he loves to lay down on the floor and read his chapter books. He never seemed too interested  in reading before but now we can't keep the books away from him. On Saturday, Logan picked out four chapter books at a garage sale and has been reading them non-stop since then.

6. Landon is almost done with Tennis lessons. He is hoping to join the Tennis Team and start competing against other tennis teams in the area. Logan will be playing basketball starting in January. Hopefully, he will stick it out and not want to quit. He has a bad habit of not sticking to things.

7.  Leah's soccer season for Fall, is almost over. Her last game was schedule for last weekend but it was cancelled due to rain. Her game is now reschedule for this weekend. She's had a great season but I'm ready to be done with it. It's hard, because I have to drive the kids to all of their games and practices.

8. Leroy is finally done teaching at NWACC but he will be teaching again in January, March, and June. If you have never thought of teaching at the college before it's a great way to earn a lot of extra money. I'm thinking about taking the kids for four weeks on a big road trip because Leroy will not be home in the month of June. We might as well go somewhere fun. My mom wants us to go to Yellowstone and Idaho to visit my grandparents but Leroy wants to come join us at Yellowstone but I'm not sure how that would work out. I really wanted to visit my sister in Maryland. The two places are in completely opposite directions. So, we will have to sit down and figure out something soon.

9.  I'm all signed up for my first real 5k, which is going to be the Halloween 5k. I'm so out of shape. I took off last week from working out and I'm paying for it. I'm so tired from the baby not sleeping well, it's been hard to have the motivation to work out. I'm hoping to finish the course in under 35 minute but we will see.

10. Everything is ready for Halloween but I need to start working on Logan's class party. I have to make a bean bag toss game plus I'm in charge of Carmel apple activity. Nothing to crazy but I need to sit down and start working on it.


Meg said...

are you on pinterest? I pinned a recipe for homemade caramel that is super easy and you could just make it ahead of time and take it to the school in a crockpot.

Lara said...

I can't bring in anything that's homemade...bummer. I'm going to use the caramel wraps to avoid that issue. Thanks, the suggestion.