Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Randon TEN on Wed

1.  If you're going to complain about something than come up with a solution or else just keep your mouth shut. Lots of people love to complain about things but if you really feel passionate about something than go for it and make your plan of action!

2. Do you every wonder if someone has made you into some sort of project. I have a really awkward situation, I'm not sure if I'm just reading into something and it's really no big deal but someone I know keeps calling and inviting my kids to things. The problem is my kids aren't friends with this persons kids. We have known each other for almost ten years but I can't say were friends at all. I'm always nice to her at church and she's nice to me but that's that. I keep declining but it's sort of weird. Where is this coming from...I'm a little bit worried that maybe she's trying to make me into some type of weird project. I know my BFF is moving to Centerton but my kids have a billion friends and I have a lot of friends as well. My hubby told me to just ignore her and not to over think it. I'm ok, I'm not looking to replace my BFF. It's a little bit strange. It's not my goal to be super duper friends with everyone at church. Anyway, I'm almost positive, she doesn't read my blog but if she need to stop calling and emailing me so much. It's a little bit weird being our kids don't mix with each other, at all.

3. My bff is in the process of moving. It's sad, when lots of people told her that they would help her move and no one show up to help. What's wrong with people, don't offer if you didn't mean it. I feel really bad for her because she's totally awesome. I'm watching her kids again, this afternoon but now I'm thinking maybe I should of organized a clean up crew or meals for her. I feel like a bad BFF at the moment but hindsight is everything. Plus, if anyone has a washer and dryer that's for sell. Let me know, she's having to go the laundry mat and you know how awful that can be!

4. Easter was great, we had our own Easter Egg Hunt at the house. I'm really proud of the boys for organizing it at the last minute. They even had raffle tickets and door prizes.

5.  The weather is cold, again! When will Spring get here! I'm so tired of the clouds and lack of sunshine. I want lots of sunshine!

6. I feel super lame for not running in the Bentonville Half Marathon. I'm having lots of regrets at the moment. Why didn't I just push myself, why didn't I make the commitment, and why not? I know why I didn't do it but still I'm wishing I was running in it. I have a baby, she's a little bit more important than running in a race but I'm still jealous of all of my friends running this weekend. I will be cheering all of my friends on but it stinks to be on the sidelines.

7.  I'm sewing up some really cute sundresses for the baby. The apron pinafore dress is my new favorite thing to sew. I need to work on a couple of dresses for Leah. She's out growing all of her clothes. I could sew 24/7 but I still have a family. It's so hard to balance things out.

8.  My neighbor came over on Monday and she dyed my hair a brownish/reddish color with blond highlights. I'm going to see, if she can go back and add some more highlights. I thought it would be more red but it's not. It's okay, I didn't want to do anything too crazy.

9.  I currently doing the 9 weeks get in shape for Summer challenge. I'm really doing poorly at the moment. I feel like crap posting this because it's not hard at all. I'm so lacking discipline at the moment. I did managed to workout every morning but all the other stuff isn't happening. No treats, that's a hard one to follow plus I keep forgetting to do all of my stuff for it. I just don't have enough time to do everything. I'm hoping to drop the last ten pounds. I just need to get my act together and stop making excuses.

10.  The last thing, I'm currently weaning leilani. I'm hoping that once, she's completely weaned the last ten pounds will come off. She's down to two nursing sessions but my milk will not dry up completely. I feel like I could nurse triplets and I could still have milk leftover. She's doing really good taking a bottle and she's eating up everything. I'm hoping that maybe by the end of next week or maybe next week.


Meg said...

I hear you on the running. I really wish I was running the 1/2, too. Kasey and I are doing the relay and I will still probably have to crawl up that hill at the end because I haven't trained. But what can you do? You have a baby and she totally is more important. You are right...babies are only babies for a short time, and running will be there for you forever.
It's harder with different babies, too. I ran 2 half marathons before corbin was 8 months old, and can't get myself out for a run to save my life, these days.
Don't worry, once you get going, you'll snap right back into it and be smokin' everyone out there on the trails anyway.

Meg said...

Oh also, I saw that 9 week challenge, and some it looks awesome. One friend that's doing it measures out her 80oz of water in a pitcher in the fridge and only drinks from that all day as an easy way to keep track of how much she still needs to drink. Another pre-cuts up and measured all of her fruits and veggies in little grab-n-go containers they are easy to choose. I want to start trying both of those things...maybe I'll be less likely to go for the chocolate stash instead.

Emily Larkin said...

Tee here here you're a project. I hate that, but maybe said person is just lonely at the moment, those sort of things are always hard to tell. I'm dying to know who it is now. Let me know if I can help with the move or clean.