Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ten on Sunday with Pics!

1.  A lot of things happening this week, my weekly theme at the moment is trying to finish up projects that I never got around to finishing especially before Christmas. Every year for Christmas, I like to get a new ornament to add to the Christmas tree. Of course, I didn't get this project done in time. I order a new ornament to add to the tree that is just for me. It's a running ornament with my name and half marathon information on it. It's super cute but it didn't get here in time but that's okay. This week, I went to and designed four new photo ornaments for the year 2011. They currently have a deal if you spend over $15 and they will give you free shipping. A great deal if you ask me! So, now I have no more guilt about not getting the ornaments done. Yippee, another thing to cross off my list of things to do.

2. When all of my kids were really little, I use to be the coolest mom ever. I feel really bad at the moment that I don't do as much with Leah as I did with the other two boys. So, I decided to get rid of the guilt and do something about it. Why sit around complaining about it. So, we sat down together and decided what type of crafts, treats, and activities we want to do together for Valentine's Day. I'm really excited about this and so is little Leah. We already started off with one new craft for V-day. I found a whole bag of fruit flavor fun shaped marshmallow. I thought about throwing them away but I decided to use them for this fun craft. I just drew a big heart on a piece of construction paper and I had her glue all of the marshmallows inside the heart. After the glue dried, I cut out the heart and we hung it up on her door. It's so cute plus it didn't cost me a thing.

3.   Poor Leah is sometimes bored being home all day with me. She told me that she wanted to earn lots of money and wanted to have a Crystal Light stand selling each cup for a dollar. It was during the day and not to much traffic outside at that time of the day. I wasn't sure if anyone would even stop by but luckily two people stop and bought two cups. She thought that she was rolling in the dough. The boys were so jealous when they got off the bus and saw that she had a stand. I'm so proud of her coming up with something to do on her own plus she's all about earning her own money! I'm not always going to be her cash!
 4.  Super Hero Capes, I bought all of the material back in December to make for the kids for Christmas. Once again, I didn't get to it. Every single day, the bag of material was calling my name. I kept putting it off...the guilt was building up, once again. So, I finally decided to sit down Friday night and I got busy on the sewing machine. I managed to have enough material leftover from Leah's cape that I went ahead and made one for her best friend Kailyn who lives across the street. I figured it probably best if they both have their own capes...which will hopefully result in no fighting over who gets the wear cape next. Plus, I made two more capes for the boys. Landon's cape is called "Lightening McLandon" and Leroy's cape was made with leftover material. Leah thought we should call his cape "Super Villain".  Logan's cape is called "Tiger Logan" The capes are double sided with two different colors so it gives the kids more choices...they can wear them either side.
 5.  I gave the kids their capes last night and I told them Merry Christmas! It's only a month late but it's better than never getting it done! The kids were on cloud nine last night. Right now, they are all running around chasing each other! I love it, when they all play together nicely and not fighting with each other.
 6.  I love this picture of Leah, I decided to take a couple of snap shoots of her. I'm going to be good for now on out and make sure I don't fall behind on my projects. I already went ahead and designed a couple of V-day cards to send off to family and friends. No sneak peek, I'm going to be working on the boys cards this week. I can't creative juices are flowing at the moment.

7.  Where's Landon? Can you find him, here's a clue...front row? Can you locate him? Well, here's another hit...stripe shirt with blue pants with a black stripe going down the middle. Anyways, Landon made it on the AB Honor Roll.

8.  Right now, I'm feel'n the push to get organized and get things done NOW! I'm kinda freak'n out with the baby coming in a couple of months. I don't want to be stuck trying to get things done and dealing with a newborn at the same time. Plus, all the kids will be home for the summer so it could be an interesting mix. I'm feel'n so much better about everything, now that I'm busy completing projects. I'm trying to keep my anxiety levels as low as possible.

9.  Last year, when Landon was a Wolf cub scout. We found out about a month before he was about to turn 9 years old that he still have about 4-5 requirements that he needed to complete before he could get his Wolf Badge. I figure that I should start working with him now because with the new baby coming this summer. I don't want to be stuck trying to work with him completing projects at the last minute plus dealing with a newborn. I don't do well, with little sleep. So, I'm going to be working with him each weekend to make sure everything is completed and done. Plus, I would like him to earn an arrow award which is extra requirements that he can do to earn it. I don't want him to do just the bare minimum. I wish we had the sail boat here not at my parents house because he could learn how to sail and earn an arrow award for it.

10.  This month, Landon will be collecting up to five pounds glass bottles and aluminum cans. Landon will be in charge cleaning out the jars and peeling off the labels. Plus, he will start working on "maps" which will be an elective activity but it wouldn't be too difficult if I coordinated and plan accordingly.

11. Logan is working on his first quilt using leftover scrapes of fabic. I love how creative he can be, he can literally spend all day playing and coming up with things to do on his own. The little guy is never bored not like his older brother. A child that can entertain himself is priceless.

12. I only have about nine more days left until my big ultrasound. I can't wait to find out what we are having. I'm thinking about having a big "Gender Reveal" party. I will make a bunch of pink and blue cupcakes and we will have the kids open up a big box and have balloons that will be inside that will tell the kids what we will be having. It's going to be a lot of work but it will be so worth it.

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