Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ten on Sat...Pics!

This week has flown by fast, lots of things are in the works! We started off the week with some really nice warm weather but it didn't last too long and we ended up with some rain and cooler weather. A great time to stay home and work on projects. Leah and the neighbor kids help us make homemade bread which is the only type of bread that Leah will eat. She's such a little stinker. Landon worked hard all week on his Cub Scout projects. He had to collect over five pounds of glass jars plus work on his Map elective course. Logan has been wanting to make a quilt for a very long time. Eunice my sewing friend came over with a special machine that cuts out all of the squares. She even brought over fabric so it's another super cheap project. This afternoon, I spent about three hours and made Leah a super cute Valentine's Day dress. Oh, I purchased two U.S. quarters collector map sets and I got completely ripped off on Amazon. The kids already opened up their maps and I felt it was wrong to take them away from them to send them back to Amazon. I found out that Amazon had them listed under two different listings and prices. I ended up over paying by $10...a lesson learned. Research before buying. Plus, I'm trying to win an auction for stamp collections. My mom has sent the boys a ton of stamps from South Africa and I would like to be able to preserve them plus stamp collecting is another Cub Scout badge. It turns out our roof has hail damaged. Of course, we got ripped off from the insurance company. They gave us only $4,000 to repair our roof which isn't going to be enough to cover the cost of the repair. I'm not sure why Leroy agreed to this amount but I'm not happy about it. Too bad, I can't do anything about it now. (Update...we will be getting another check in the mail, thankgoodness! The guys should start working on the roof sometime next week).Plus, Eunice dropped off Flannel fabric for all of the kids, so I will be working on another project. Anyways, this paragraph is way too long but I'm to lazy to fix it. Just look at the pictures, my kids are awesome!

Helping to Make Homemade Bread!
Making bread dough with our neighbors!

Leah has cutting skills, I always try to let my kids do things on their own. Leah has been using a knife since she was two years old cutting up strawberries. She's a big helper in the kitchen.!

Landon is working on earning his recycle badge for Cub Scouts. He has to collect five pounds of glass jars to take to the local recycling center. It turns out I had a huge stash of empty jars squirreled away around the kitchen and in the garage. Every day after school, I had him clean and peal off all of the labels. Well, it turns out...that it's not neccersary to peel off the labels. Landon didn't seem to notice and I didn't say anything...which now I feel kinda bad because he spent a lot of time on peeling off labels which is not an easy thing to do.

In less than five days, Landon collected five pounds of glass jars, two cardboard cereal boxes, and two milk jugs to take to the recycling center.

Discovering how to use a map! This is a nother Cub Scout project. It's all about learning about maps. Landon had to learn about time zones and how to read a map correctly. Plus, the little kids joined in the fun! Landon had to map out the route from our house to his school plus a ton of other activities. I'm so proud of him!

Finding the Distance (for relatives) from close to far away!  If you look closely we mapped out where Landon's relavtives live around the country. We took yarn and pinned it from our pin to all of the relatives pins on the map. I hope that makes sense. We looked at all of the points and discovered that Uncle William lives the farthest away and Grandma and Grandpa Scheele live the closest to us.
Ladybug Love, is what I call this dress I made for Leah. It's her special dress to wear for Valentine's Day. Isn't it cute?

Logan is working on his first quilt by peicing together the squares!

Not to many seven year old boys can work the sewing machine by himself!

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