Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ten on Sunday

Lots of good things happened this week, once again my camera is acting up and I can't seem to upload any pictures at the moment. Hopefully, I will be able to get it work out and I will come back and post a slide show of all the pictures from Christmas break up until this week.

1. I finally finished last night, our family yearbook for the year of 2011. I spent all week long on working hard on it. For this year, I will plan better to be a little bit smarter. If you work on each month as you go along the year than it's super easy to print and publish. So, by the end of this month I will work on Month Jan 2012. Putting things off to the last minute isn't always the best way to go about doing things. I'm also planning on this week, to make two mini books for each of the boys that will be a review for each of their lives. I wish, I would of done this years ago. I'm feel'n alot better at the moment. I'm getting more of energy and strength back. So, no more excuses for not completing projects. Once the new baby comes, I'm not sure if I will be able to get anything done. So, the pressure is on to get everything done and completed by June.

2. Each week that passes by this pregnancy I'm feel'n more like my old self. I managed to get on the treadmill twice this week and run three miles each time in under 40 minutes. My running group is doing a new thing on Saturdays. We're meeting up at the track, doing a combination of workout and speed training. My legs are feel'n soooooooo much stronger. I really could tell a big difference in my workouts. I'm really bummed that the Bentonville Half Marathon is coming up and I will not be doing it. I'm going to be close to 30 weeks and I'm thinking it wouldn't be too wise for me do it but I'm planning on running the 5k with my boys. I really want Logan to run in a 5k, Landon was already running 5k's at the age of six and Logan is already seven and he hasn't even completed one.

3. I finished sewing the Tropical Fish curtains for the boys room. I purchased these really cute fish stickers to put on the wall but they don't even stay on. What a joke, I followed the directions and they will not stay up on the walls. What a waste of money, don't bother with the wall stickers.

4. Landon's class had an award ceremony on Friday. Landon managed to make the AB Honor roll for third grade. Landon is normally a straight A student but last semester he received a B in literacy. He was really upset about it but hopefully, he will work harder and get his grade back up. So, that's how he ended up in the AB honor roll and not the A honor roll.

5. Logan did great this semester. He ended up receiving all A's on his report card.

6. Also, I finally finished another project this week. I finally got a curtain rod up in the kitchen. I purchased red sheer curtains because I didn't want to darker the kitchen but I still wanted to add some privacy. So, it only took me close to nine years but it's done! Leroy's really annoyed with me but I told him to expect a honey to do list every Sat until the baby comes. I need him to get busy and get these projects done now! I guess you could say I'm already nesting.

7. I'm almost 18 weeks which is really hard to believe because we get to find out what we're having in two weeks. I can't wait to find out, I seriously have no idea what we are having but I'm leaning towards boy not girl.

8. I did managed to clean out both of the boys and Leah's room but the kids just managed to this morning to trashed the living room. It's a never ending battle.

9. I'm teaching sunbeams this afternoon as a sub. This should be interesting, I have a feel'n I'm going to be wiped out by the end of church.

10. Bubba's BBQ is hands down the best bbq in the area. The coleslaw and baked beans were super yummy plus all of the bbq meat was super tender and juicy. It's going to be our new place to grad a quick dinner. Plus, the prices were super reasonable. This is the first place in months that actually has impressed me.

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