Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ten on Sunday

Sorry, I have been super duper busy with the holidays and the kids plus the weather outside has been super nice. I haven't felt like writing up a post in a couple of weeks. Some times, I view my blog as a chore not as a great way to express myself or journal. I decided this morning that I would get busy and write up my weekly ten before things get really crazy with the kids.

Recap of Winter Break

1. The first day of break, it was cold outside so we hit the library in Rogers for story time and checking out books. A nice lady came up to me and said "Is it your first day of break, as well?" Yes, how could she tell...the stressed out mom look with three kids fighting at the library must of been the dead give away. We managed to check out close to 100 books. Three different kids on three different reading levels...which results in lots of books. Thankgoodness, the Rogers library has no limit on books.

2. The second day of break, the house was a wreck...I know it's only the second day but it's the holidays and things can get out of hand fast. I told the kids if they cleaned the whole entire house that I would take them to see a new movie. The kids worked hard on the house for several hours and we made it to the afternoon showing of Chipwrecked. Skip the movie theater on this one and just red box it. The kids had a blast but I wasn't too impressed.

3. The third day of break, it was Christmas Eve. We spent the evening, driving around and checking out Xmas lights. After driving around, we came back to the house for some hot chocolate and we read about the birth of the Savior to the kids from the bible. We tucked in the kids and we got busy getting ready for Christmas morning. We had friends drop off a plate of yummy cookies. After Leroy managed to put Leah's bike together. We received an urgent phone call and Leroy left to his parents house right away. Sadly, Uncle Lawrence passed awayed unexpectedly. He will be missed by all.

4. The fourth day of break, Christmas morning. We didn't tell the kids about uncle Lawrence passing away until the next day. It turned out to be a day of mixed emotions. We were sad about the situation but we tried to keep the holiday spirit up for the kids. We managed to still have a nice Christmas with the kids. The boys were upset that Leah managed to get more toys than them but what the boys don't understand is their toys cost more money than Leah's toys. We spent about the same amount of money but it didn't the same amount of gift.

5. The fifth day of break, daddy had another day off from work. We just stayed home and played with all of the kids new toys.

6. The sixth day of break, my friend invited us to join them to Chuck E Cheese for the day. It was so cold outside and it was a good option to get the kids out of the house. We managed to stay for over three hours. The kids tokens ran out really fast but somehow the kids managed to keep themselves busy. The kids figured out if you stay long enough you can follow Chuckie around and pick up tickets. The kids managed to get close to 500 tickets each.

7. The seventh day of break, it started to warm up really nicely outside. We loaded up all of the bikes, we went for a bike ride around Lake Bella Vista with Veronica again! After the bike ride, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the park. A nice lazy day outside in the sunshine!

8. The eighth day of break, I decided to take the kids to the Tulsa Zoo! I called Veronica and we invited them to come but she didn't have the money to go with all of the kids. I offered to take Hayley with us, she called back and said to come and get her! It worked out really nice having two boys and two girls. The weather was super nice outside and we had so much fun at the zoo. I was so Glad, we decided to go at the last minute. It's the prefect zoo; not to big and not to small. Just the right mix, the kids loved the play area the best! Skip the train ride, it wasn't worth it.

9. The ninth day of break, we spent the morning at home. Sadly, this was the day of the funeral. It was really nice memorial serve and his uncle received full military honors. The relief society president brought over a really nice dinner plus dessert. It was nice to have him finally situation and Leroy told some really nice stories about his uncle at the funeral.

10. The tenth day of break, we spent a crazy morning attending a baptism, stopping at RC Extreme shop, and hiking at Devil's Den. Once, again super nice weather outside. The neighbor kid down the street broke Logan's RC car so Leroy decided to go ahead and purchase him a new one. So, after we picked up the car. We headed down to Devil's Den. I love FREE entertainment. Devil's Den has a super nice playground area plus tons of hiking trails. We literally spent like five hours at the park just playing around and having fun. We packed a ton of food and just enjoyed ourselves. Logan was upset we didn't bring the camper and stay overnight.

11. The eleventh day of break, it turned cold outside again. It was Sunday, we didn't do to much. The kids have all new teachers and Leroy is teaching the five year old's turning six this year. No, he isn't teaching Leah's class but another group of kids.

12. The twelfth day of break, we didn't do too much. The weather wasn't as nice as before and I had to run errands and the others went back to the hobby shop. Nothing really happened but I was more than ready to get the kids back to school.

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