Sunday, February 19, 2012

Running Group

Every Saturday morning is my time for myself with my running buddies. Even though my running is pretty a slow run with lots of walking breaks at the moment. The first twenty weeks of my pregnancy was a piece of cake. I was still working out five to six days a week. Running and lifting weights but I somehow pulled a muscle about two weeks ago and I haven't been the same. It sucks big time:( I'm just counting down the weeks and I can't wait to get my old body back. My running shirts are getting a little bit to small at the moment. So, I went to Twice but nice and pick up a bunch of cute tops to start wearing. Anyways, even if I have to crawl/drag myself out the door for the rest of the pregnancy that's fine with me. I need my time to recharge my batteries.
A great group of woman...lots of support. I'm not sure what's up with Tami's face but she looks like she's going to beat someone Anyways, we had a professional photographer come this Saturday and he took pictures of us in action. I haven't seen all of the pictures but it was a ton of fun. He might be coming back to take a couple more shots of us in action.
Workout is over, time for breakfast at Station Cafe! I love this part, I can't really keep up with anyone so this is the best part...catching up with everyone's business.

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