Monday, June 15, 2009

Flowers and Patches

A special package arrived in the mail. Grandpa sent the boys two patches from the Gray's Fossil Muesum. The kids weren't too excited when they saw the patches. Once, I explained we could iron them onto their t-shirts. They were super excited. Landon kept on wanting to use really old and dirty shirts. I finally convinced them that plain white t-shirts would work best. Each boy, picked out the spot they wanted their patches ironed on. The t-shirts turned out awesome. The boys were so excited to show the neighbor boy. Landon proudly exclaimed that his Auntie worked at the fossil muesum. She didn't know what she did but that she helped at the muesum.
Very proud of his shirt!

Also, my flowers are bloom'n like crazy. Don't they look great.

I didn't even plant this sunflower. The seed most of come from our bird feeder.

I think this is a day lily? I could be wrong.

I just love this time of the year!

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Erica said...

Love the shirts, the boys look so proud!

And I think your right, looks like a day lily to me (but I'm not great with flowers haha!).