Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Summer Reading Books...

Last month, I decided to purchase a set of my favorite children's book ever. Anne of Green Gables. I felled in love with Anne from the PBS series that aired back in the 80's. I finally got around reading the whole "Anne" series when Logan was a little itty bitty newborn. It's been almost four years since I have read anymore books about Anne of Green Gables. I recently, learned that L.M. Montgomery had written several other novels and short stories. I seriously had no idea. I just finished reading Jane of Lateran Hill and Kilmeny of the Orchard. I'm currently reading Mistress Pat. I absolutely love L. M. Montgomery writing style. I literally feel like I'm on Prince Edward Island back in time. All of the characters are lovable, warm, and so inviting. I can clearly image myself right on Prince Edward Island.
This is the image in my mind. This is where I'm spending my summer's vacation. Of course in my mind, everytime I get a chance to bury my face into one of her books, I feel literally like I"m escaping reality and going back into time back like a hundred years ago. I would love to go someday to Prince Edward Island and check out Green Gables. It's so far away, I'm not sure if I will ever get there but I can always dream.
I'm currently, waiting for this at the library. I really didn't want to spend the money. I did an inter loan request. The librarian said it could take a long time to get in. It all depends on the other library when they will decided to mail it to the Rogers library. Hopefully, it will get here soon. I can't wait to read it. I'm told its a classic.

More Anne, If you haven't read this series your missing out big time. You can't help to feel sorry for poor Anne Shirley. Anne is so likeable and with such a wild imagation. I Love her!!!

I'm currently reading Mistress Pat. I love it. I really feel like I'm at Silver Bush. I can image every little detial in my mind. I can't wait to finish it. It's going to be a couple more late nights of reading to finish this book.
Another all time favorite. You will fall right in love with Victoria Jane or as "Jane" likes to be really called. Oh, you will end up hating her over bearing grandmother but will fall into love with her father on P.E. Island. Her mother will eventually grow a spine. I don't want to give the ending a way.
So, this is my reading project this summer. P.E. Island and me are going to have fun this summer. I will keep you posted. L.M. Montgomery will not disappoint you. Every book is a pure joy! I hope you will take a chance and read her books. Pure Magic and Pure Joy. Innocent and fun loving books.

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Sheena said...

Oh, I've seen the movies (and they are my all-time favorite), but have never read the books. I'm headed over to our online library catalog right now to see if the have it! Thanks for the suggestion.