Monday, June 22, 2009

The Lost Valley

We decided to spend Father's Day by celebrating with a nature hike. He ended going with a group of Leroy's co-workers and family for a nice hike called "The Lost Valley"! It's located about one hour and thirty minutes away. I decided at the last minute to ask my neighbor to watch Leah. I really didn't feel like having to carry all 30 pounds on the hike. We left early in the morning to try to avoid the heat! I'm so glad we left early because it turned out to be a killer hot day. The falls is located near the Buffalo National River. I'm hoping we can go back soon and try a day out rafting down the Buffalo river. The kids had so much fun hiking with daddy and I. The hike is prefect for the whole family and it doesn't matter what your fitness level is! This trail is easy. The kids enjoyed two waterfalls and the cave was the best part. Leroy took the boys up into the cave. Inside the cave is a waterfall which is close to 100 feet tall/long. We decided to end the day by getting Custard Icecream. Yummy. A nice cool way to end a great hiking day with the kids.

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