Sunday, June 28, 2009


Running goals...

I'm going to run in a half-marthon this fall.

It's going to be the hardest thing, I have ever done.

I'm going to try to go down to Rush Running and get a complete training schedule made up for the half marthon.

This is a training schedule, I found online:

Tour De Cure-Oct. 3, 2009!,,s6-239-283-284-0-0-0-0-1900142,00.html

Yikes!!! I should hopefully, have three whole months to train.

I'm also running another 5k on Sat with my friend Tia from church.

Should be lots of fun. My legs are still killing me from yesterday's race. Hopefully, I will be fully recovered for this next race. Racing is so much fun!!!!

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banananutmeg said...

do the 10K for the children's shelter in early will be a great kick off a few weeks before your 1/2!