Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Lemonade Stand

Landon and Logan, my budding entrepreneurs at the age of 6 and 4 years old decided to set up their own Lemonade stand. They recruited the two neighbor boys across the street to help them with their business. They decided to split all the profits four ways. The kids found old little dixie cups, I bought lemonade, Logan set up the stand, Landon did the advertising, and Logan made a money box out of an old dixie cup box. He even made a hole in the box to drop the money into the box. The boys decided to sell the lemonade for 25 cents per cup. Everything was set up and ready to go. The only real problem was Leah and Joseph kept on stealing cups of lemonade. It took the boys a while to figure out, not to pour to many cups of lemonade ahead of time or else the little one's were busy stealing drinks.

All set up and waiting for their first customers!
Mr. Perfection has to have everything just right.

Landon decided it would be best to make himself into a billboard.

The lemonade stand ended up being a huge success. The kids ended up making close to $6.00. I really didn't think anyone would stop but I was wrong. The neighbors did a great job. Stopping by and talking to the kids. Of course, my kids are so quiet and shy. They barely said anything to the neighbors that came to get some lemonade. Overall, super successful and I feel my guys are going to be very successful in future business ventures.


Amy Schoen said...

Very cute idea!

Cindy said...

I tagged you in my blog-go check it out1