Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yes, I'm obsessed with running. My wonderful hubby thought to make me aware I'm obsessed with running and exercising. At first, I was not too happy with him. Ya, nice. If I remember he was the one that basically told me I was fat and need to lose weight without coming right out and saying it. I got his hints. Ya, whatever! Men can be so dumb. Yes, fitness and nutrition are a big part of my life know. I do have a life outside of the home and the kids. I'm working on setting a good example for them. Working out can be fun and very rewarding. I'm all about eating right and reading up on the all the lastest information on working out and running. I will not fail in losing the weight and getting back into the best shape of my life. Thanks...

Anyway, I ran in another 5K run this morning. It was sooooo HOT, Humid, and HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

I ended up running into one of Leroy's co-workers. I felt kinda dumb that I didn't know that he was running but he knew that I was running. Leroy really needs to work on his communication skills. Ya, this guy totally past me up on the race. I was hoping he wouldn't past me but I guess he must be in better shape than I thought. His kinda a big tall guy. I'm going to have to ask Leroy to ask what time he finished the race.

I was busy streching my legs when I noticed my right hamstring was super tight. I decided to get a free massage. I'm not a touchy feely person. Wonderful!!!! The guy did a great job. Only one of my hamstrings were tight. He thought it was odd. He did a couple of deep massages but it still was tight. His wife showed me a new way to really strech the muscle. It worked awesome.

I started off to a great start to the race. I was in the front and took off super fast. I managed to do the first mile in 7 minutes. I was on fire. The weather outside was frightful. 100% humditiy and 91 degrees outside. The heat didn't brother me to much in the beginning of the race. The second mile, I was still making really good time. The third mile, I thought I was going to die. The heat was really starting to get to me. I was exhausted. I ended up having to run up a hill than over a bridge. I was so slow. I thought for sure I would end with an awesome time. I was orginially planning on sprinting in really fast at the end but I was wiped out. I ended up finishing at excatly at 29:00 minutes. I really was hoping to get in at 28:00 minutes.
My biggest mistake was running to fast in the beginning and dying at the end. The trick in running in a race is to hold back in the beginning and finish really strong at the end. I'm going to run in another 5k on 4th of July. Hopefully, I have learned my lesson. I will say that 29:00 minutes is still my best time. I'm trying hard not to be too hard on myself. I'm not going to give up.

I'm obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!


banananutmeg said...

29 minutes is freakin' awesome! you rock, lara!

MoziEsmé said...

Wohoo - way to go!