Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She's Tough!

Yup, her brother nailed her with the croquet club. She's got a nice busted up lip and chin. She's tough and took it. She still loves her brother. Logan ended up spending the rest of the evening in time out. It looks a lot worst than it actually is. There's a reason why we call her "Little Miss Rough and Tough" she can take care of herself. Don't worry boys...she's going to keep getting bigger. She's in the 75% percentile for height and weight. She's going to be TALL not like her mother. It wouldn't be long and she will be bossying the boys around...oh what she's already doing that.
Her new cowboy boots...totally cute!
The sun has finally decided to show its face...some fun outside time with the kids smelling the flowers.
Logan wearing his new cowboy boots.
Logan and Leah spent most of the afternoon playing Hopscotch together!
Oh, I just love this picture of Leah! Wearing her new Easter dress and new cowboy boots. Doesn't this picture make you want to go out and buy a pair of boots. I'm too cheap. I will spend the money on my daughter but not myself. I tried on a couple of pairs but I couldn't justified the cost. You don't want to know what I spent on these boots...Hopefully, Leroy wouldn't find out either.
So...The moral of the story. Brother and sister relationship is kinda like "Each other's best friend and each other's worst enemies."

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Theresa ♥ said...

Ouch, but I totally laughed. She IS tough!!