Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ten on Wed

First sign of Spring!

1. 531 pages less than 60 days. I accept the relief Society challenge to read the BofM in less than 60 days. This is the first time...I have ever read the BofM in such a short time frame. Also, I hadn't done any type of personal scripture study in years. I tried several times last year but would slip up and forgot to read. I'm really proud of myself for reaching this goal. My next goal is going to be to read the D & C in less than 60 days which should be a lot easier than the BofM.

2. I'm running in my second half marathon this Saturday. No, I'm not fully prepared. I just started to run again after taking off for the winter due to foot injuries. I did managed to run 10 miles last weekend and I felt really goof but super sore the next day. I'm not expecting to beat my time from last time. I'm running with a good will be her first half marathon. I'm going to be running slow with her and we are just hoping to cross the finish line.

3. I'm finally back into the sewing mode. I'm currently making taggie blankets, t-shirt dresses, burp rags, and hoping to make a couple of bibs.

4. I also bought this really cute fabric with red hummingbirds on it. I'm going to use the fabric to make a new shower curtian for the boys bathroom.

5. I have to take the camper into the rv dealership to get the lift fix. Leroy's going to take the kids to Roaring River for fishing and camping. I will not be joining them because I will be in Chicago visiting with family and friends.

6. Last week, we got hit with the stomach bug. Not fun at all!

7. I'm still taking my classes to become a master naturalist. I'm really enjoying being back at school.

8. Leroy took the kids to Pea Ridge Miltaray park for a civil war reenactment. The kids had fun watching them fire off their cannons.

9. The weather has finally warmed up again. Spring is almost here!

10. I also tried a new recipe called Meat and Potato casserole. It's super yummy. I have it listed on my cooking blog if you want to try it out.


famr_4evr said...

okay, so I totally look up to you for reading the BOM in 60 days!! I am in primary now, so I didn't hear about this, and if it was announced, I don't get to hear announcements, so... But I decided that I would start today and read the BOM and have it done by Mother's Day.
Thanks for this post, it's getting me off my duff.

lara said...

here's the calculator to figure our your personal scripture plan!

Once you make the decision to commit than everything will fall into place.

Good Luck!