Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow during Spring Break...

Never expected to hike in the snow. Spring break started off with a huge snow storm not spring showers. First time ever hiking thru the snow. We decided to head over to Hobbs State Park for a nice guide hiking tour. Al did a great job keeping the kids attention. He picked out all kinds of strange details like coyote poop, fresh tracks from deer and coyotes in the snow, and old logging roads in the park. Leah kept wanting to walk in the snow and not stay on the trail. Leroy was getting a little bit annoyed with her. He didn't want her feet to get wet. The boys had a blast. Al ended up giving him each a hiking stick. Landon and Logan had a blast playing with their sticks in the snow. We managed to hike up to two different War Eagle Creek Bluffs. The water levels were really high but the views were amazing. The kids did awesome. The boys took off running back to the van but Leah started to poop out. Leroy ended up having to carry her back to the van. If you haven't had a chance to check out Hobbs State Park you should because your missing out.

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