Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten For Tuesday

1. I can't believe how fast time is flying by...I'm way too busy!

2. I have way too many projects at the moment. I'm feeling really disgusted with myself. All of these half finished projects is just depressing. The bench I was trying to build has turned into a complete disaster. No way...I can finish it by myself. I'm going to have Leroy help me with it. I didn't cut out all the pieces perfectly. I measured everything but I still seemed to get it all wrong maybe woodworking isn't my thing. Oh well...I tried.

3. I'm still trying to get my trip planned out. I'm leaving next Thursday but I still haven't book my flight. The big dilemna is whether to spend the day in Chicago or go to Wisconsin Dells. Give me your feedback...Spend the day in the city or go to an indoor waterpark in the Dells? I need ideas? Remember...NO KIDS OR HUBBY!

4. The weather is still crazy. One day it's freez'n cold but it doesn't take long it's warm again. I want wasn't fun running in cold weather.

5. I did managed to run in another half marathon. Earlier in the week, it was nice and warm but the weather decided to turn on us. It went from nice and warm to freezing cold and rainy. I was really worried about it raining during the race. It makes it really hard to plan on what to wear? The last want is to be too hot or too cold while running. I said a prayer hoping the rain would be gone by morning time. The rain decided to hope off in the morning but it was still cold. I managed to run in a t-shirt and running tights. The weather wasn't too bad but at the end of the run the wind pick up and it was lightly mistying. Brrrrr!!! Cold weather isn't fun but the race was AWESOME.

6. I did feel like I cheated myself out of a really good running time. I didn't prepare or train for this race. I just started to get back into running a couple of weeks ago. I still managed a decent time for not training but I still kicking myself for not committing to this race earlier in the year. I just keep thinking to myself. I could of done a lot better. My time was around 2:30:00 my pace was 11:27 per mile.

7. Here's a video from the it! I can't seem to post it directly on my blog...just click on the link!


Running Sisters From Church!
9. My kids totally rock...Landon's doing awesome in school. Let's just say his one of the top students out of all the first graders in the school district. Keep it rock! It explains a lot why his bored at school.

10. two littles that are still at home during have a love hate affair with each other. One minute their best friends and worst enemies. Logan was mad at Leah and decided to hit her in the face with a croquet stick and nailed her in the face. She's okay but has a busted up lip but they made up and are best friends again.

11. One more thing about my kids. In the morning...most kids like to sit around and watch cartoons. Shoot, I did that myself not my kids. They have spent this whole morning working on puzzles, looking at books, and coloring. I love the fact...I have taken the time to teach them to entertain themselves. It's a great feel'n.

Okay...I'm off to clean the house my favorite thing to do...ya right!

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