Thursday, October 28, 2010

5th Annual T or T

Don't let the Princess costume fool you...she's 100% tomboy.

I'm sucker when it comes to celebrating Halloween. The boys school isn't having their fall party which is really Halloween party this weekend. I decided to go ahead pull the boys out of school and have them attend Leah's preschool Halloween party.

This year, I made the costumes. Yippee...last year, I decided to buy them and it just wasn't as fun. My sewing buddy help me whip up this princess dress and we made the boys musketters outfits. The costumes turned out cute.
The Scheele's made their fifth appearance at Trick or Treating with the preschool. Yes, Five straight years at the Bella Vista Preschool. All three of my kids have attended back to back years starting in 2006...So, were working on our fifth year at the school.
All three kids love the preschool. I know some people don't care for the school becuase it's play based but let me tell you one thing. My kids love it and they always felt loved by their teacher and volunteers. When we started down the stairs to get to the classroom. Logan was so cute. He told me that going down the stairs made him HAPPY.
Every year, the preschool takes the kids trick or treating around the towncenter. They started off at Arvest bank and worked themselves around the Towncenter. The kids managed to come home with three full bags of goodies. I currently have the goodies stashed away. The kids are not happy but too bad.

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