Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Morning

The weather in my necks of the woods:

It's amazing how fast the weather can change. One moment it was blazing hot outside and now it's the prefect fall weather. The morning sky is nice clear, the weather is breezy cool but not freezing cold and the afternoons warm up perfectly. Talk about prefect fall weather.

Words Not Needed:

Things that make me happy:

After months of searching for my favorite apron pattern. I found it. Guess what, it was never missing. It was right inside my pattern box but inside a red bag inside the pattern box. I love wearing my apron but I'm sick and tired of fabric. I'm going to be spending the rest of the day online searching for some cute fabric to make myself a new apron.

Books I'm reading:

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith-a brilliant book...I'm going to recommend this book for our next book group to read.

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Knit Two by Kate Jacobs-I haven't started on this book but I loved the first book in the series. I didn't want to risk the book getting check out at the library. So, I picked it up and hopefully I will get a chance to read it next week.

Prelude To Glory by Ron Carter-The first book in this series was really good but the second book is really slow. I have been trying to finish this book since July.

Family Read Aloud book:

By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Audio Books:

We listen to these in the van...I can't stand listening to the radio or even music. Listening to the same old songs over and over again bores me to death. I'm not a music lover!

Henry & the Crazed Chicken Pirates by Carolyn Crimi

The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting-this book is read by William Sutherland and it's horrible. The kids can't understand him...I'm really sad but the English accent is very heavy and it's hard to follow along.

Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk

On the Banks of Plum Creek-Laura Ingalls Wilder-My boys love this audio book by Cherry Jones they could listen to this over and over again.

The Cat In The Hat and Other Dr. Seuss Favorites by Dr. Suess

What's on my TV today:

To The Ends Of The Earth

On the menu for dinner:
Pork Chops, Mash Potatoes, Fried Okra, and Green Beans!

On my to do list:

Clean up Craft Room

New recipe to try:

This is a new recipe that I's super awesome. The meat is so tender and yummy. It's prefect for a nice sunday dinner you can just put everything in the crock pot and it will be ready when you get home from church.

Lara's Crocky Crock Pot Roast

In the craft basket:


I'm working on the boy's costumes-Musketeers. I still need to finish up Leah's costume by adding some trim to her princess costume.


I finished knitting Leah's angel on her stocking but I'm not sure how to finish the stocking. So, I'm starting on Landon's stocking with a Santa on it. As soon as my knitting buddy gets back into town, I will have her show me how to finish up the stockings.

Looking forward to this week:

Girls night out, Running with my new running group on Saturday mornings, and Checking out the craft fairs looking for some craft ideas to recreate at home.

Tips and Tricks:
I have discovered that if I take my pre-workout drink before cleaning that it's a lot easier for me. The amount of focus, I gain from the drink as done wonders. I really was able to focus on the nitty gritty and managed to get the house really clean. Maybe I'm a little bit ADD...ha ha.
Lessons learned this past few days:

Using my time wisely, I really would love to hole myself up in my room and just read or knit. It's really hard sometimes to be in reality. I still have a hubby and kids that need attention. Life just isn't what I want...I have to make sure I'm using my time wisely. It's all about balance.

On my mind:

I'm still trying to figure it all out. How to read a couple of books, work on a dozen projects,and still find time to be spiritual. I'm not a big scripture reader. We just finished reading 30 talks in 30 days. I really enjoyed it. I'm really dreading reading my scriptures again maybe I need to find a really good spiritual book instead. I did managed to read the Book of Mormon, New testament, and Doctrine and Covenants each in 90 days periods. Any good book ideas? Nothing too preachy or cheesy?

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banananutmeg said...

Lara-call me if you want any help on your craft room. I really love organizing, and helping people go through stuff. The girls could play and we would have fun.

I've never read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Great idea!