Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin Pots

Doing what my kids love best of all...CRAFTING especially my little guy Logan. The little guy is always into my craft supplies, drawing his own picture books, and just plain fun to play with. Logan and Leah both made their own pumpkins. Logan decided he wanted to draw a picture of his very own pumpkin. I'm not sure if you can see all the details but the little guy has a very special gift.
If you want to make the craft with your own kids it's super easy.
Ceramic pots
Foam Paint Brushes
Green Wooden Blocks
Pipe Cleaner
Glossy Spray
Hot Glue
The first step in the process is to paint the pot orange. Let it dry for a good hour, draw on the face, and paint it in. I did write the name of each child on the back of each pot. You just face the pot upside down and hot glue the green block to be the stem. We add black pipe cleaner to be the vine.

Super easy and inexpensive the whole project cost less than $10...we're planning on making two more pumpkin pots.

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