Monday, October 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. All of my children seem to have inherited my bad teeth. Leah as well the boys all have weak enameling. Over the summer, I knew her teeth were getting bad. Two big holes on the sides of two of her back molars. I really was worried about taking her to the dentist but she did great. It turns out the two big holes only needed fillings not caps like I had feared. Well, today Leah had her first dental procedure done. She did an awesome job. Everyone in the office, was raving about how has the prefect patient. She did exactly as she was told and didn't move out of place one time. The dentist told me that "she's one tough little girl!" Yup, that's right my daughter is TOUGH. Tough as Nails! The dental assistant told me that Leah was the best patient they had all morning long. I thought maybe she would be upset when they were done but she just got right up and walked right out the door by herself.

2. I'm almost done with Leah's bookcase. The only thing left is to paint it. I can't take full credit. I couldn't of done it without my dad and Leroy's help. I will post picture when it's done. It's going to be PINK.

3. I decided to make it easy on the kids this year and crave their pumpkins. I had them draw their picture they wanted cut out and I did the rest. No, crying this year. Also, Leah remember craving pumpkins with Grandpa from last year. It's amazing the things kids can remember. She was only 2 years old at the time.

4. Leroy's going to fix up the house. Hopefully, new carpet and windows for the sunroom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

5. The kids costumes are done. Leah's going as a princess and the boys are musketeers. I'm still looking for boy turtle necks. I guess their not selling them anymore. Their costumes might be slightly unfinished looking.

6. I'm busy working on getting everything ready for this year's Super Saturday. If you look on my facebook page you can click on the link to see what where making this year.

7. Leah told me that boys and girls are different that boy parts stick! She's getting too big.

8. Report card time...Landon did really well except for Social Studies. I thought for sure he would have straight A's but his determined to work harder to bring up his grades.

9. Logan's doing great at school. His teacher loves him. She told me that she would take a whole classrooms full of Logan's. We need to work with him on a few things like he doesn't know how to rhyme. Any suggestions?

10. Destiny is still attending YW's. Last week, they had a mutual activity at Lake Ann. The youth went on a spooky hay ride and they roasted hot dogs and played games. She loves going to church and she's already made a ton of friends.

11. Also, both of the boys are attending Karate again. Logan decided to give it another try and loves it. The boys are working hard on earning their first belt.

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