Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Know My ABC's

Several months ago, I tried to teach Logan his ABC's. He wasn't interested at all. I packed up all of my stuff and decided to leave it alone. Well, Logan decided he wanted to watch his Leap Frog videos for the past week. I decided to it would be a good time to pull out the school stuff again.

We did this activity where he has to match up the letter with the clothspin with the correct letter. It's what I call ABC's Clothesline game. Logan had so much fun...

Afterwards, I sat down with Logan and decided to test him on his ABC's. I'm proudy to announced that Logan knows 17 letters.

Here at the letters:
V, L, B, O, F, Q, T, S, Y, X, P, Z, G, U, N, C, M

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