Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten For Tuesday

1. Two Halloween classroom parties, three times trick or treating, one hay ride, 4 carmel apples, and 10 walmart size bags full of candy. Three very happy kids!

2. Due to Halloween falling on Saturday, this was the first time taking all three kids trick or treating. Leah loved running up to the houses to ring the doorbell. She was very shocked when they handed her candy. She would say "mommy, that lady gave me candy" with a big smile on her face.

3. Landon being a little bit on the shy side decided to send Logan first to ring the door bell. Logan refused to talk so Landon would do all the talking. Leah of course isn't shy and didn't have any issuses trick or treating.

4. We live on the best street! The neighbor across the street gave the kids their own halloween bags filled with full size candy bars. Another neighbor gave them dollar bills, and they're even invited inside to show off their customes to an elderly couple. I was in the van but the window shades were up. I think the grandpa was in a wheelchair. Landon said they acted like they knew who they're but Landon didn't know who they were. The couple just lives down the street.

5. Finally around 8:00pm Logan claimed he was tried of trick or treating and wanted to go home. I was really surprised. The little guys were all tuckered out.

6. My biggest pet peeve is trunk or treat. It's was too easy. The kids need to go out and execrise their legs. So, I decided this year to avoid the ward t or t and just take the kids to real trick or treating. It brought back a lot of fun memories.

7. On Halloween morning, I took part of Fun Run with a bunch of sisters from church. Ever since my half marathon, I haven't been doing much running. I thought for sure I would have a really bad time but I ended up with a decent time of 28:20! I even came in second place for my age group. A big surprise. I didn't think I would place anything.

8. The boys took part of kids run. The boys were divide into two seperate groups. A younger and older group. Landon was the youngest kid in the older group. He did an awesome job. He came in fourth place. Logan ran with Leroy in the younger group and came in second place. I'm so proud of my boys.

9. This weekend the boys are taking part of Slaughter Pen Meet. The boys will be running in the kids cross country race and mtn. bike race.

10. This week I'm taking the no sugar challenge. I managed to put on a couple of pounds due to all the cookies and sweets. I'm working out twice as hard this week. I'm hoping to drop a pound or two!

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