Monday, November 9, 2009

Its All About The Journey

Tanyard Creek
Every season we manage to make it over to Tanyard Creek. The one place I love to go to clear my mind and spirit. The one place it's natural state. The place were kids can run around and be free. The place that brings a big smile on my kids faces.
After, preschool we headed straight over to Tanyard Creek. Logan's very favorite special spot. He wanted to get his feet into the water but I told him "no". The little guy doesn't seem to have much sense when it comes to nature. He loves to get his hands and feet into it.
Little Miss Leah enjoying herself by throwing rocks such a tomboy. Nothing girlie about her. The girl has an arm on her. Watch out...boys. She's tough!

Of course, she's the first one to the bridge. No fear!
Best Friends and Worst Enemies
Searching for treasure...seashells and clam shells!
The loot which will eventually end in a huge fight with sissy.
Logan ended up dropping all of his shells. Leah decided it would be a good time to steal some of his. Logan was devasted. A huge fight broke out about the shells. You would of thought they were fighting over gold.
Don't ya, just love Logan's pouty face. Don't worry, we ended up going back and Logan found new seashells to collect. Oh, ya...Leah dropped all of her shells and had to go back to get even more. We left shortly after this little incident.

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Kristi said...

Shells are as good as gold when you are a kid:)