Saturday, November 7, 2009

Slaughter Pen Jam 2009

This morning, the kids ended up waking up super early. You would of thought it was Christmas morning. The kids were up before 5:30am. The boys were so excited about going to their first ever cross country race and short track race.

I decided at the last minute to enter in the 6 mile trail run. Due to hurting my foot a couple of weeks ago. I haven't been doing to much running. I thought sure six miles is a piece of cake. Wrong...The course was so hard. I thought it was way harder than my half marathon I did a couple of weeks ago.

The Slaughter Pen Hallow trail takes place in the Ozark mountains okay maybe not like the Rockie Mountains but bill hills. We had to run back and forth slowly going up to the top of the ridge and running back down and across the cement path to the other hill on the other side. The course was confusing. One girl ended up taking the wrong path ended up running an extra three miles. Poor thing.

The course proved to be more challenging then expected. It was just awful. I wasn't as prepared as I would of liked to of been. I did trip at one point but didn't cause any major damage. Overall, it turned out to be a great run at the end. I managed to do it under one hour and seven minutes. I ended up placing in second place for my age group and received the coolest medal ever. I didn't take a picture of it but I will soon. I have a lot more details of this race but I don't care to spend to much time on it. Ask me in person if you want all the details.

Now, the boys were taking part of the kids cross country run. It was free...which I love. Landon loves to run. I'm not sooo sure about Logan but he goes along with it. Landon ran all the whole thing but Logan ended up running and walking part of it. The poor little guy ended up a little bit confused about the course but he managed to make it across the finish line. All the kids received medals for their efforts.

After, the cross country meet the boys had about two hours to practice before the bike races. The kids hadn't been to the dirt park in several months. The kids had the most found just riding their bikes on the dirt kid course. Landon wanted to practice on a more adult course. He was in tears when the guy turned him away. Landon's just going to have to wait another year. Logan was so funny. A couple of kids were running around on the course. He started to yell at them to get off of the course. He was very protective of his dirt course. Soon, it was time to stop practicing and get ready for the bike races.

Landon ended up meeting up with his friend Keegan from school. The two boys were so excited about getting together to race in the kids bike race. Landon did a great job around the first loop but the second loop ended in a huge disaster. He was riding his bike down hill and had to make sharp turn. He ended up turning to quickly and crashed. The little guy hit his handle bars. I thought at first he might of broke one of his ribs. The medics checked him but he appeared just fine. His friend Keegan went up to the official and gave him his medal. Landon was in complete tears about not being able to finish the race. He claims he never wants to ride a bike again. We will try again...Logan did great. He rode is bike in a different course. They had one kid go at a time. The judge timed all the kids. Logan went around the first time prefectly and stopped. He didn't realize he was soppose to go around one more time. Everything one yelling at him to go one more time. The little guy was so confused. He finally realized he was soppose to go one more time around. He did great. He received another medal for his bike riding skills. Overall, a wonderfull event for the family. We will be doing this each year!

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