Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Xmas Apron

getting into the xmas spirit a little bit early for me. I'm not one to start celebrating before Dec. 1st. I picked up this cute material at hobby lobby and made this cute xmas apron. I managed to change up the pattern. I decided to add a lining on the back side of the apron. It took me from start to finish about three hours. I'm going to be working on another one for xmas gift. My sewing skills are improving by the minute. Oh, I can't wait...xmas to get here. Oh, ya it will be in just a couple of days. I'm very strict about not doing xmas stuff until Dec. 1st but this year I'm starting a little bit early.
Front side

Back Side


banananutmeg said...

THAT. IS. CUTE. I want to make one!

lara said...

here's the pattern: it's free!