Thursday, November 5, 2009


This hike was very different from the other two hikes we did on our trip! The first two hikes were on the dry side of the island with very little vegetation. This trail took us thru the rainforest up to a swimming hole/water fall. The night before the hike it had rained all night long which meant extremely muddy trail. The hike information I found on the interent said this was an easy hike which was 1.5 miles up and back but it seemed to take us forever. Leroy wasn't too happy again with my choices in hikes. I loved it.
The nice thing about the hike was the views Ko'olaus Mountains. We were slowly making our way up into the mountains. We stop several times to just enjoy the view! I think the trail took us longer becuase we might of made a bad turn. The trail was hard to follow at times.
Once we got closer to the waterfall. We had to go down a narrow set of stairs to the bottom. We also had to cross back and forth several times across a stream. The water wasn't to cool but it was nice to be able to wash the mud off our feet.
We finally made it to the waterfall. The water was little bit on the cloudy side so we decided not to venture too far into the pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall. You're suppose to be able to jump from several places around the waterfall. We headed back down.
We decided to take another path back. We ended up coming to this really cool dead end. It looked like someone had set up camp with bamboo sticks and a rock pit for fire. Check out the slide show for pictures of Leroy standing inside the shelter. We turned around and decided to go back the same way we came in.
On the way back, we decided to take another trail back to the entrance of the hike. Leroy wasn't too sure about it but we had time to kill. We ended up in a place I think we overlooked in the first place. The hike back down went a lot faster. We came across this really old rock wall. We some how managed back to the car covered in Mosquito bites. If it wasn't for the extremely muddy trail and all the mosquitos it's actually really nice hike. So, if you're in's definity a good hike for a novice unless it's been raining.

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