Monday, May 4, 2009

The Azaleas are in Bloom

It's doesn't feel like Spring at the moment but my Azaleas are finally blooming! I just love Azaleas. Nothing else screams SPRING! I decided it would be fun to make Spring vase with the kids. Logan asbolutely loves nature, bugs, insects, plants,and flowers.

I started by cleaning some of daddy's old rootbeer glass bottles. We don't drink but you could use wine bottles just remove the labels. I picked up some Mod-Podge at the Walmart Associate store and we sat down and got busy. Then Logan and Leah covered their bottles with glue! Next thing they did was tear crape paper inside some pieces and pressed them into the glue.
Once, the paper was on the glass bottle. I painted more glue all over the paper and bottle. I let them sit out to dry for several hours.

Tad-dah! Finally Product! Logan found the Orange ribbon and wanted it on the bottle. It doesn't match but that doesn't matter. Its all about what he wants.

A perfect Mother's Day gift!


MoziEsmé said...

Very pretty! We had azaleas in our yard when I was growing up - I miss them. And that vase is wonderful...

The Katies said...

What a great idea and we love how proud you son looks! Thanks for the submission, look for it in tomorrow's post on kid made Mother's Day gifts.