Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crash, Boom, and Burn!

We headed down to Parsons Stadium for some car crashing fun. The Demolition Derby. Leroy and I attended one derby before but it was before we had kids. About 7 years ago, Leroy wanted to do something fun with the kids this weekend. He took the boys on Friday night to a father and son campout but they ended up getting flooded out. They ended up coming home early Saturday morning: camping gear compeletly soaked. Logan wasn't happy about only spending one night camping he wanted to stay for a whole week. So, later on! We headed down for the demolition derby.

The weather turned cold. I literally had all of the kids in jackets and knitted hats. I did managed to bring only one measly blanket. I really wish, I had brought more blankets. It was so chilly.

The show started off with a big bang. They had a police car which was loaded with fireworks. Scared the crap out of Leah. She was terrorified of the whole show. She was clinging so tight to me. Towards the end of the show, she was a little bit for comfortable with the noise. It was definitely loud.

The boys loved all the car crashing, dirt flying, and engine fires.

We ended up leaving early. It was just getting way to cold and Logan ended up falling asleep.

Overall, if you haven't been you need to. Lots of fun and the kettle corn was AWESOME. I'm on a strict diet today. Only liquids!


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SOunds and looks like fun.