Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom Pie

Talk about a fun book! In the book, the little boys keep on wanting to help mom in the kitchen but she keeps sending them out of the kitchen. I have had this happen so many times. I ended up feeling really guilty at the end of the book. The boys end up making a mom pie becuase mom is too busy cooking. So, they collect of her favorite stuff around the house and make a mom pie to cuddle with. I thought the kids would enjoy making an apple pie with me. If you would like my apple pie recipe, click here.

Ta-Dah the final product! A crumb topping Apple pie! It smells heavenly and the kids a ton of fun. We are off to eat it together!

The kids just got up from their naps. So, I will finish this post another time.


Princess Mommy said...

I love this post!! Great job and the pie looks great. I too feel guilty shooing them away when I cook a lot of the time. I am not inspired to make something with them when nap time is over. Thanks for the inspiration!

Princess Mommy said...

AHHH, I meant to say that I WAS inspired. I hope that was not a freudian slip. I think they will wake up from naps now that I can not stop laughing. It has been one of those days.

lara said...

Ya, I get what you mean. I feel like calling it a day already!