Monday, May 4, 2009

I Know My ABC's

My "d" Sound Box
By Jane Belk Moncure

This is my favorite series of book for teaching young children their ABC's. I have been checking the library for the past couple of weeks trying to get it for the letter A, B, and C but they were always check out. I finally was able to get my hands on the Letter "D" book. I really like how the author takes the approach teaching the lowercase letter "d" inside of the capital letter. Letters are usually printed in lowercase which will make it easier in the long run for children to learn to recognized their alphabet.

We sat down together and read the book. We talked about all the things in the book at started with the sound "d".
I had Logan go outside to the garage and grab a box. I wrote on the outside of the box with the letter "d" and we went for a sound hunt.
The kids did a great job. Leah threw the biggest fit when Logan tried to put on of her dolly's into the sound box. I eventually managed to sneak one into the box without her seeing it.
At the end of the hunt we ended up finding:
dentist kit

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