Saturday, May 2, 2009

It started with five little caterpillars...

Logan's understanding how caterpillars change into Butterflies. I found him on the couch trying to draw a picture of a caterpillar inside a cocoon. Next he drew a picture of a butterfly. The little guy did this all on his own. It's amazing how they pick up on information all on their own observations.

This is a picture of the butterfly. Pretty good for a four year old.

We were diligent in looking almost every day, and this time when Landon checked the butterfly tent he discovered all of the butterflies came out of their cocoons. We discovered one monarch and four painted ladies.

Landon and Logan got busy drawing their very own butterflies. The little guys decided it would be fun to color and cut out their very own butterflies.

Landon did a great job with his butterfly. Later on, he cut out his own butterfly and wrote his name on the back of it.

This is Logan's butterfly. He even managed to cut it out perfectly. The little guy is really good with a pair of scissors.

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