Friday, May 1, 2009

Book Nook

Not too many books at this time. I ended up moving a lot of books downstairs to my other book case. The boys have a hard time keep their room clean and organized.
Don't ya just love the fireman pole down the middle of the book nook!

I'm showing off my boy's book nook! I found this really great firehouse bookcase at a children's store. Of course, it was overly priced. I asked my dad if he thought he could build the same one for my boys. I ended up sending him a picture of the bookcase and this was the final product. I think my father built this for the boys back in 2005. Over time, the boys have been a little too rough with it. The bottom shelf had three red doors with really cute fireman door handles. I'm sad to report but all three doors have broken off. Dad, if your reading this? I need replacement doors!

I usually keep the same basic books on this bookcase. I have another one bookcase downstairs filled with more children's books. On the bottom shelf, you will see a pile of Logan's rocks. This is his collection. I really want to get rid of the rocks but his very protective of his collection of rocks. Most of the books are used. I have a lot of little golden books which Leah has managed to rip off the back covers which I'm not too happy about. I also have to great science book series for the kids. The first series are from the 80's. The are called Ask-Me books. Love them. The boys also have a set of science books called A Child's First Library of Learning! Every child should own these books. Landon will look at them over and over again. The boys never get tired of them. You can find these books on Ebay but they can get expensive. I think they might be out of print. A great series of books to collect.

I also, have a little section of toddler and baby books for Leah. I usually just stack up the library books on empty shelf on the book nook.


Bookworm said...

These are my FAVORITE posts EVER!

Thanks for sharing yours!!! LOVE it! I see some of my own on your shelf!!

Princess Mommy said...

I am laughing right now as our kids have something in common - my son is an avid rock collector too. Actually, we even went to the ER last night because he swallowed one and because he chocked the pediatrician wanted to make sure that he did not inhale it into his lungs. No more small rocks for us!!

Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

What an awesome book shelf! I'm so impressed that your father built this!

And I can sympathize with your son and his rock collection. I had one of those when I was a kid too. Actually, I think I still have mine... somewhere in our attic. :)

Thanks for participating!