Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rescue 911


Last night, I was busy cleaning up the kitchen. When, I saw my neighbor approaching my front door. I thought it was strange of her to come over so late in the evening. I answered the door and she informed me that our cat was stuck up in a tree. I couldn't believe it. Our little cat was stuck up in a huge tree!


As soon as I stepped outside. I could hear the cat meowing. My neighbor said she could hear the meowing around 2:00pm and she came over to tell us be we were still at church. She noticed our lights were on around 7:45pm and she came over to tell us about our cat being stuck up in a tree on her property. Violet said that the cat was even higher up in the tree but she somehow managed to come down to the bottom branch. I told Leroy that the cat was stuck in the neighbor's tree and they probably wouldn't appreciate listening to her meowing all night long. Leroy agreed to get the cat down. Luckily, Leroy had a long enough ladder and was able to get the cat. Leroy hates heights and wasn't too happy about the whole situation. As soon as Leroy grabbed the cat. She started to cry. It was so sad. Well, that's the story. If the cat, does it again. I'm not sure if Leroy will get her out. Hopefully, its a lesson learned.

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