Monday, May 25, 2009

Lip Lick'n Good!

The best tasting strawberries EVER!!!!!
Rain, Rain, Go away!

Seriously, all it has done this whole weekend is RAIN! I'm so sick and tired of the endless rain.

Well, this holiday weekend was basically ruined due to the pouring down rain.

I ended up picking strawberries this morning with my wonderful sister in law Serena.

As soon as we pulled up to the strawberry farm it started to rain. I wasn't about to turn around and go home. I wanted my strawberries. We ended up picking in the rain. We were both completely soaked from head to toe. I felt like a wet dog. Yuck!

We ended up picking one flat each. They ended up offering us already picked flats of strawberries for only $2 more. I couldn't turn down a good deal and came home with three flats. In hindsight, I should of only brought home two flats. I still have four pints sitting on the counter. Any ideas?

Leroy made all of the cooked jelly and I made all of the freezer jam. All day long, we worked on making Jelly and Jam. I wouldn't recommend trying to make Jelly in one day.
Leroy busy working on taking off the tops of the Strawberries!
Landon and Logan worked hard on removing the tops but managed to take most of the top halve of the strawberries off.

We ended up with 37 pints of Jelly and 20 containers of Freezer Jam.
So, what do you prefer? Freezer Jam or Homemade cooked Jelly?
Landon and Leroy both hate Freezer Jam.
Logan and I aren't picky and we like both.


Erica said...

It's all good! We are just finishing off frozen strawberries from our pickings last year. We top them on cakes or just eat them frozen or in smoothies. So chopping and freezing them is another option to consider :)

lara said...

Yippe! I'm currently working on freezing some strawberries for fruit smoothies.

Sadie said...

I always make freezer jam- it's just easier. 2 of my boys don't eat jam, and the rest of us aren't picky. We've gone a couple times- gotten 35 lbs total so far. I have jams in the freezer, we ate A LOT, and I have about 6 quart size bags in the freezer. We love smoothies.

banananutmeg said...

i've never tried homemade jelly before, but I LOVE freezer jam! glad you had fun picking in the rain.
And $2?! wow!

Princess Mommy said...

OOOOhhh, Lara that all looks so good. I have to say that I love Freezer Jam but I think it is only because I am afraid of not doing the other correctly and giving the family botulism!!!! If I had the confidence cooked would be my favorite :)

Steph Timms said...

Wow, all of those strawberries look fantastic! Want to ship some to GA? :)

Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog, and I'm looking forward to reading yours!


REAL ME said...

Wow! Those berries looked so great. Will you share how you made the jam?