Thursday, April 30, 2009

Earth Day

Blowing Springs, Bella Vista, AR

We didn't do to much for Earth Day! Landon's class walked from their school to Blowing Springs for Earth Day. Landon was so excited when he came home for school. He really wanted to take us all. So, he could show us all of the caves and spring. I decided why not. We jumped into the van and took off for Blowing Springs. Landon gave me step by step directions and we made a quick trip over to the springs. The kids had some much. I tried to get them to go up with me into one of the big caves but Landon was really worried about bears living in the caves. No luck getting him up into caves but Logan decided to be brave and join me.

One of the greatest ways to get kids excited about nature is just to take them to beautiful places and let them go off and explore. The kids couldn't get enough of the spring and the running water. Talk about Heaven on Earth. A great way to get away from the world but still be close to home.

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