Saturday, April 11, 2009

Project Garden-DONE!!!!!!!!!!

You have no idea how many times I had told myself I was going to complete a project than it never gets done! The other night, I was able to attend a workshop on how to make your own self watering gardening containers. Thanks, to Meg, Kasey, and Sherry! I was able to make my containers. I actually used real power tools. Its a little bit intimating but I had my successes and failures. Unfortunately, I ended up having trouble with the lids and I made a huge ugly hole in my lid. I wasn't pleased with myself.

I really wanted to complete my project this weekend. I was afraid if I put it off too long, I would ended up with another uncompleted project. Leroy was so nice today. He agreed to run to Lowe's and get the necessary supplies to complete this project. Unfortunately, all the ladies must of bought all the lids at Lowe's because they were out. The poor guy ended up having to drive all the ways to Rogers to get the lids and pipe! As soon as he got back he got to business. He ended up cutting out all the holes in the lids. Next, we moved onto the smaller bucket and fixed it all up! So, honey thanks for the help!

I'm going to grow two tomato plants and something else? I'm not sure? Any ideas?

The plant grows out of the hole and the pvc pipe is for pouring in the water!

Ta-Dah!!!!!! One completed project and only 1oo more to go!

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